Zwave Kwikset Lock Qualification

    Kwikset Z-wave Lock Sales Prequalification Sheet:

  1. Using a small ruler, check the deadbolt or door knob opening for backset length as shown in figure 1. Measurement is from the center of the deadbolt / knob to the edge of the door. In addition, determine if the latch opening is tubular in shape. If both of these meet the criteria, proceed to step two.
    • Important Note – deadbolts should be sold only on double-bore doors (two holes drilled through the door to accept both a door knob below and deadbolt above – see figure 2). Single bore doors should have a leverset sold and NOT a deadbolt. Double-bore doors cannot accept both a Z-wave deadbolt and a Z-wave leverset lock on the same door.
  2. Visually check the door for any warping. Is the door nice and straight against all areas of the frame?
  3. If installing a deadbolt, Open and Close the door. Check the door to ensure it closes properly and that the door knob latch secures the door in the closed position.
  4. Now check the deadbolt by turning the latch to determine if it correctly aligns with the strike plate in the door frame. Do you have to push on the door to get the latch to engage?
  5. If NO, then it is safe to sell the lock and the installation should be smooth.
  6. If YES, then the door knob latch strike plate may need a slight adjustment towards the exterior or interior of the door upon lock installation in order for the deadbolt latch to align and secure the door to the frame. This is typical and should not be an area for concern as doors do expand and contract which is the reason for the tapering of the deadbolt cylinder to allow for slight variances in door alignment.
Figure 1:

Figure 2: