Westec 800 CE Basics

Do not power down this system. Use the sleep switch in the panel.

Downloadable No
Panic Buttons Police Panic – Button in between and below the numbers and speakers on the keypad
Key Switch On must be in the upright “ON” position / Key will arm and disarm system by turning the key to the
arm-reset position and allowing the key to return to the “ON” position.
Arm/Disarm User Code / use Key Switch
Silence User Code / use Key Switch
System Off Turn Key Switch to “SERVICE” postion
Test Push “TEST” button on control panel after 20 seconds turn the Key Switch to ARM/RESET then back to the ON position
light on
Button on the control panel Labeled “TROUBLE SILENCE BUTTON”
Reset Smoke Open door on control panel move slider switch to the left, move the switch back to the right, if this does
not reset smoke set for service
Lights on Keypad

Arm/Loop light –
Green On – when system is ready to be armed
Off – if zone is open
Flashing green to red, green to red – exit/entry delay warning
Red – system is armed
Pwr/Trouble light –
Green On – normal
Off/pulsing beep – system in is fault (turn key switch to TROUBLE/SILENCE) set for service
Yellow – Armed Interior
User Codes
Maid Code
4 + select-a-code + new code (without the 4 at the beginning) + triangle button
Maid’s Code
Press the triangle button
Maid’s Code must begin with a 4 and will not reset any Fire alarms.