Westec 766 Basics

Do not power down this system. Use the sleep switch in the panel

Downloadable No
Arm Arm Code (must have green ready light)
Disarm Disarm Code (entry/exit time will beep when entering a door)
Cancel Alarm Disarm Code
Bypass 0 + Zone # + 0 (zone # will flash until zone unbypassed)
3 + 3 + 3
INT light System INTACT (no zones have been bypassed)
Test Push “TEST” button on control panel for 5 seconds
Reset Smoke Open door on control panel move slider switch to the left, move the switch back to the right, if this does not reset smoke set for service
User Codes
Change Code Slide switch in control panel to OFF position then back to the ON position.
While the green RDY light is flashing enter 1st digit of the new ARM code
and all digits of the new DISARM code.