Westec 7000 Trouble

This panel can lose power without losing Programming

View Trouble Press * 2, possible troubles are

Battery Trouble – Panel battery only
AC Trouble – AC Transformer or AC Power has failed
Aux Supply Troub – Auxiliary Power Supply Trouble
TLM Trouble – Telephone Line Monitoring, Phones may be out
FTC Trouble – System Unable to Communicate with Monitoring Station
Bell Cct Trouble – Bell Circuit Trouble
Fire Trouble
Loss of Time
Module Com Fault – One or more modules cannot communicate with panel
COMBUS Low Pwr – Modules not getting power (Bad 4204 Power Supply)
Internal Fault – Combus Failure
4204 Battery Trouble – 4204 Relay module low battery
4204 AC Trouble
4204 AUX Trouble – 4204 Aux Fuse failure or 4204 Module is overloaded
Ground Fault
Waterflow TBL
Cellular Trouble – Links 1000 trouble
DLS Fault TBL – Downloading problem
Zn Sensor Fault
Zn LwBatt Fault
X-10 Fault
Printer Off-Line
PC4400 Trouble – Printer Module Trouble