Westec 5000 Trouble

Panel does not lose memory when power is lost

LED LCD Condition
odx ERROR DISPLAY Problem with a keypad
o00 COMMUNICATION ERROR Problem between a keyapd and the Panel
oUC BOX COVER TAMPER Tamper protection on panel has been tripped
oAC AC POWER IS OFF Panel does not have AC Power
oLb Battery Trouble Battery Power is low
ALARM WAS ACTIVE Alarm was activated and auto reset
ph1 PHONE LINE 1 TRB Problem on Phone line 1
ph2 PHONE LINE 2 TRB Problem on Phone line 2
dLr DIALER TROUBLE Problem with Phone Dialer
PbP POWERED ZONE BYPASS Zones are resetting after system power-up
PrG Remote PRG/CTRL Downloading or programming in progress
odJ JMPR ON DTMF PIN Tech’s equipment is still attached to panel
bell UL SUP BELL TRB Trouble with siren
oPS PATROL SWITCH TROUBLE Trouble with ext patrol switch
rdY READY System is Ready to arm
F## FIRE Fire Alarm has been activated
A## BURGLARY Burglary alarm has been activated
H## MEDICAL Medical Alarm has been activated
E## EMERGENCY Emergency alarm has been activated
*## SPECIAL * ## Special Channel * Zone ## has been activated
d## HOLDUP Robbery alarm has been activated