Westec 2000 3000 Basics

Do not power down this system. Use the sleep switch in the panel.

Power Down Open main control panel and turn off the switch located beside the face plate with buttons
Downloadable No
Panic Buttons Police Panic – press EMERGENCY twice
Medical Panic – press MEDICAL twice
Arm Enter code or 2 + code then select 1 (SET/REST) red set light will flash during exit delay and warning tone will sound during exit
Disarm Enter code or 2 + code then select 1 (SET/REST) red set light will disappear and tone will sound during entry delay
Access Menu Enter 2 + code system will announce “select mode” then use following commands
Chimes 2 (DOOR ALERT)
Interior Arm 3 (INT A) turns on/off interior A
4 (INT B) turns on/off interior B
then arm the system by using code or menu mode
Instant Arm 5 (NITE) no delay time on doors
Keypad Tones 6 (TONE OFF) turn the tones off on the keypad when numbers are pressed
Bypass 7 (FORCE SET) arms with open zones
Foward Phone 8 (TELEPHONE)
to enter phone # enter menu mode by pressing 2+code then
choose function 8 then enter phone # (do not proced area code with “1”)
Voice 9 (VOICE OFF) turns voice anounications on and off
Trouble Press button lableled TROUBLE SILENCE on the main panel and green light will blink
Test While system disarmed press button labeled TEST on the main panel
Sensor Test While system disarmed enter menu mode by pressing 2 + code then press the trouble, system will ask “for
sensor test enter six” press 6 to start sensor test then
trip sensors after tripping each sensor you should hear a beep, beep to end test enter
User Codes
Add a
Secondary Code
Enter menu mode by 2 + code
Select function 0 (SELECT-A-CODE) if system says on turn off, if system says off turn on then off by pressing 0 (SELECT-A-CODE)
Press CTRL within 2 seconds after turning off
System will speak “ENTER COMBO 1”
Enter 41 (always begins with 41) and additional digits (1-6)
Digits will display, then push CTRL to exit
Telephone Access Operation
Some panels were installed with the Optional Equipment of a Telephone Access Module
External Access:
Enter 35 + code system will speak “External phone control on/off”
To gain access
within the home :
Enter * # * on telephone that is connected to alarm system
(outside telephone line is disconnected and the phones are only connected to alarm system)
To gain access
outside the home:
The combo 35 must be turned on before leaving
dail your telephon number on telephon, wait for the tone (after the appropriate # of rings, selected by you)
then enter * # * 34 combo (customer should know this combo)
To exit phone access hang up phone
(if any mistakes are made hang up and phone and try again in 10 seconds)
if any answering machine is connected and answers press * # * 34 combo
Phone Access
After accessed is gained panel will give a tone and use the following functions:
Enter # 1 to check system status (set/reset, interior)
Enter # 2 to check the zone status (if zone is open)
Enter # 3 to check for any alarm activations
Enter # 0 to page inside the home (allows messages to be broadcast through alarm system speaker)