Westec 1000 Basics

Do not power down this system. Use the sleep switch in the panel.

Downloadable No
Panic Buttons
Duress – 5 and code then 1 (set)
Police Panic – press EMERGANCY twice
Medical Panic – press MEDICAL twice
Access Enter code if 2 dots appear code is accepted then use following commands
Arm/Disarm 1 (SET)
Chimes 2 (DOOR)
Interior Arm 3 (INT) turns on/off then arm system
Instant Arm 4 (NITE) no delay time on doors
Trouble 5 (TRBL) will silence a trouble
Bypass 6 (FORCE) arms with open zones
Reset Smoke CODE + 1 (SET) this will lower siren repeat CODE + 1 (SET) to turn off
User Codes
Duress Code = 5 + Code then press 1 (SET)
Add Code 24 + Code PG will apper in window
enter 41 (one or two digits) wait until PG disappears and * appers
now 41 and the numbers you choose should access system
Erase Code Do not enter any numbers after the 41