Videofied XT-IP160 Trouble

Changing Panel Batteries

For XL/XT Series Panels:

Go to MAINTENANCE (access level 4), select [Yes/Ok] , scroll to MAINTENANCE REPLACE BATTERY (level 4), select [Yes/Ok]
enter your installer code. You then need to choose whether you want to temporarily disable the panel or the devices:

Option 1. MAINTENANCE DEVICES , select [Yes/Ok] , SYSTEM DISABLED 5 min. (YES=END).

Option 2. MAINTENANCE CONTROL PANEL , select [Yes/Ok] , you have 1 minute maximum to open the panel, your keypad
will say SYSTEM DISABLED 5 min. (YES=END) once you open the panel.

After 5 minutes, or after pressing [Yes/Ok] , you will see OPERATION COMPLETED? on the keypad. Press [Yes/Ok] to perform
a global device check ( SYSTEM CHECK IN PROGRESS ). The system check will display problem devices, if any. If no
problem devices are found, your system will once again become active.

GPRS Level Test Scroll to MAINTENANCE , select [Yes/Ok] , scroll to GPRS LEVEL , select [Yes/Ok] and wait for the display of the GPRS level on the keypad. You must keep the keypad awake during this test in order to see the feedback of the GPRS level. The screen has a 30 second timeout. You can use the arrow keys every 20 seconds to keep the keypad awake.

3/5 is highly recommended for proper system function. 2/5 or below and the system will not function as intended.

Radio Range Test

Scroll to MAINTENANCE (access level 3), select [YES] , scroll to DEVICE LOCATING , select [YES], using the arrow keys select the device you want to test, select [YES] to start the test. During the radio range test the RF level will be displayed on the keypad. Press the [YES] key to end the test.

For XL/XT Series Panels a consistent level of 9/9 is REQUIRED for proper system function.