Videofied XT-IP160 Basics

Downloadable Yes (Note: Asisstance is required at the keypad for remote access.)
Event Log Up to 4000 events, once that is reached, new events will record over the oldest (Must have level 3 access to pull log)

For the /XT Series Panels you can record up to 24 devices. For XL Series Panels you can record up to 19 devices.

Keypad/Readers Up to 3 of any combination, these also count as devices and count againt the 24 zones/devices capable.

4 "D" Alkaline size batteries inside the main panel (NOTE: If using Lithium batteries, no transformer is needed.)
Keypads – 3 – 3.6 Volt Lithium
Motion Cameras – 3 – 3.6 Volt Lithium
Keyfob – Lithium battery (Battery can last up to 10 years, once dead fob must be replaced)

NOTE: We insist that these systems be used with the batteries we provide. The Keypad, Outdoor / Indoor MotionViewer, PIR, Badge Reader and Door Contact are recommended to be used with Saft LS14500 3.6V Lithium AA batteries. The Keyfob battery is soldered to the product and cannot be replaced. The VIDEOFIED control panel uses four Saft LSH20 3.6V Lithium D-Cell batteries. The Indoor/Outdoor sirens use four 1.5V alkaline batteries.Because our products were designed around Saft battery use, we cannot guarantee proper system funcution with any alternative battery.

Power 12 Volt DC/2A Transformer (Transformer not needed if using Lithium batteries)
Arming/Disarming Arm = Enter Code, select [Yes/ok] Disarm = Enter Code, select [Yes/ok](Codes can be 4 to 6 digits long)
Basic navigation

Esc/No = Exits the current field or cancels all data entered [Yes/OK] = Used to confirm data capture or acknowledge
messages CLR = Deletes the last character entered

To return to the main menu on the keypad, press and hold [ESC/NO] for 5 seconds.

Sleep Mode Activates after 30 seconds of inactivity. select any button to wake up the keypad. (The first touch on thepad will not register.)
Right arrow —-> until Maintenance appears – select [Yes/Ok] Modifying Date/Time appears, select [Yes/Ok] arrow left or
right to select the year, then select [Yes/Ok] to confirm selection. Arrow left or right again to select the month, select [Yes/Ok]
to confirm section. Arrow left or right to select the day, then select [Yes/Ok] to confirm selection. Repeat the process for
adding/correcting the time.
NOTE: The cameras are ONLY activated during an alarm. This is one reason that the batteries last 4 years. Videofied does not allow “peeking” or remote “look-in” except during an alarm. Security does not need to compromise privacy.