Installation Instructions
1. Unplug Harness from Voice Module, wire Red, Black, Yellow and Green to keypad terminals
2. Power up system, LED on Voice Module should flash indicating panel detected

1 No alarm panel detected
2 Napco 1000 series
3 Moose Z700, 900, 950
4 For Future Use
5 Ademco Non Addressable
6 Ademco Addressable
7 DSC (Power 832, PC1555)
8 DSC (Older stuff)
9 Moose ZX200, ZX400
10 Moose Z1100e, ADT A910
11 For Future Use
12 Moose Z1100

Voice Module learns as Address #3 on Ademco Addressable and #4 on Moose ZX systems

Green Wire is not used on Caddx or Napco GEM P400/P800/XP400/XP-600
Yellow Wire connects to Green of Keypad on Napco GEM P400/P800/XP400/XP-600

Change Address
1. Unplug Harness from Voice Module
2. Press and Hold STATUS, while holding STATUS plug Harness in
3. Release STATUS and press number of times for address desired, LED will flash new address

Learning User Code (Do not use Master Code)
1. Press and Hold RECORD, PLAY, AWAY, STAY at same time
2. Voice module will say “Enter User Code”
3. Release button and LED will flash, slowly enter User Code, LED will stop flashing

Select Voice Chime Zones
1. Press and Hold RECORD and AWAY buttons until voice module says “Chime”
2. Release buttons, press RECORD or PLAY to scroll through zones
3. Press AWAY to turn Chime ON for that zone, press STAY to turn Chime OFF
4. Press STATUS twice to exit

Enable Voice Chime Mode
Press and Hold STATUS button for 3 seconds
(Voice module should say “CHIME ON” or “CHIME OFF”)
Note: Voice update is slow on Ademco panels due to keypad’s normally slow display

Change Volume
Press and Hold PLAY button for 3 seconds, Voice module should say “Volume”
Keep pressing through 4 possible volume levels

Disable Voice
Press and Hold AWAY & STAY buttons, Voice Module will say “Voice OFF”, repeat to re-activate

Reset to Default
1. Unplug Harness from Voice Module
2. Press and Hold PLAY button while plugging Harness back in for 5 seconds

Programming Voice Descriptions (each zone can have 3 zone descriptions)
1. Press and Hold RECORD and PLAY until Voice Module says “Zones”
2. Use RECORD and PLAY buttons to scroll Up and Down to select Zones
3. Use AWAY and STAY to scroll through Vocabulary from A to Z words
4. Press STATUS to save word and move to next word or RECORD and PLAY for next Zone
5. After 3rd word within Zone is programmed Voice Module will say “Zones”, move to next Zone
5. To exit press STATUS twice, Voice Module will say “Exit Now”
Note: Voice Module can handle maximum of 16, any zones above may not sound

Word Vocabulary
Back Garage Room Two Eleven
Basement Guest Shop Three Twelve
Bathroom Hall Side Four Thirteen
Bedroom Kitchen Sliding Five Fourteen
Detector Living Smoke Six Fifteen
Dining Master Window Seven Sixteen
Door Motion Zones Eight
Fire Office Zones Nine
Front Patio One Ten