Street Smart Plus Program

Holds up to 7 keyfobs
Installation (Supported systems)
Step 1) Unplug the receiver from the wire harness
Step 2) Wire the Red, Black, Yellow and Green to the keypad

RED Connect to Keypad Red or Aux (+)
BLACK Connect to Keypad Black or Aux (-)
GREEN Connect to Keypad Green
YELLOW   Connect to Keypad Yellow
Step 3) Make sure the alarm panel is powered up and operating
Step 4) While watching the LED light on the Control module, plug the receiver
into the Code Encryptor Plus harness
Step 5) The LED will blink 1 time on power up, after 2 seconds COUNT the flashes
that you see. The corresponding flashes will indicate which panel the Code
Encryptor Plus has detected.

# Alarm Panel detected by the CE Plus
1 Relay Mode (Unknown panel, only relay can be used)
2 Ademco Non Addressable – Vista 10, 20, 30, 4110, 4120
3 DSC 1550, 2525, 2550, 3000
4 Vista 50
5 Ademco Addressable (Adds as Address 3)
6   DSC 550
Step 6) Program a User Code into panel for the Code Encryptor (Do not use MASTER CODE)
Step 7) Press and HOLD program button on bottom of Code Encryptor
The light will come ON and stay ON for three seconds then turn OFF
Once light turns OFF, RELEASE program button, light may begin to flash rapidly
Go to keypad and enter the 4-digit User Code programmed into panel with step 1
Step 8) LED on Code Encryptor should stop flashing meaning new Code was learned
(If this doesn’t work pull wire harness from Code Encryptor, reconnect and try above again

Button 1 Alarm AWAY/OFF/HOME
Press and hold 3 seconds for “HOME” mode
Button 2 Garage Door OPEN/CLOSE (Relay 2)
Button 3 PANIC OUTPUT – Hold for 3 seconds (Relay 3)
Relay Output – Press and Release
Relay Mode (for systems not supported, Caddx, Radionics, FBII, DSC 832, Napco, etc.)

Step 1) Unplug the receiver from the wire harness
Step 2) Wire the Red, Black, Yellow and Green to the keypad

Red Aux +
Black Aux –
Brown/White Zone or PGM programmed for keyswitch arming
Brown Zone or Aux Common
White Garage Door –
Red/White Garage Door +
Green/Yellow Not used)
Arm/Disarm button does nothing, 3rd button Arms/Disarms
DSC 1575 Brown Wire to PGM2 with inline 2.2k resistor
Program PGM2 for momentary keyswitch arming (26)
Brown/White Wire to Aux +
DSC 1555/5010 Program PGM1 or PGM2 for momentary keyswitch arming (use 22)
Napco 1000/1008e Connect Brown and Brown/White to Zone 5 and enter 8 in section 183
(Can’t arm/disarm with 1008LKDL)
Napco 1010 Connect Brown and Brown/White to Zone 7 and enter 8 in section 183

Defaulting 1. Unplug Harness
2. Plug back in while holding receiver button for 3 seconds then release
3. Press big blue keyfob button 3 times

Garage Door Interface
All garage doors have wall mounted push button that activates the door via a two-wire connection
Make connection at push button switch or garage door motor where these two wires terminate
Attach Code Encryptor Red/White & White wires from to these two wires
If connecting to motor, trace wires from push button to motor to determine proper connection point
Most garage doors use terminals 1 & 2. For MOM Crusader models, use terminals 2 and 3
Red/White (Channel 2 Output)
White (Channel 2 Common)

To Install the Code Encryptor with Panic Mode
Select a free hardwired zone and program it for “Panic” audible or silent
Press Button 3 (smallest button) 3 seconds to cause relay to trigger zone
Channel 3 wires offer N/O and N/C contacts, Wires to open or close the zone based on your installation.

Optional Panic Mode Set-Up
Select free zone, program it for Panic After alarm panel and Code Encryptor are powered up, attach
Gray wire to zone programmed for panic. Pressing Button 3 for 3 Seconds will cause the alarm to panic
NOTE: If wire is connected before Code Encryptor powers up, a signal may be sent to alarm panel
causing triggering of the panic mode on the zone selected

To add a NEW Remote
1. Press and release the program button on the receiver, light on receiver will come ON
2. Press Button 1 (largest button) on new remote three times, the light on receiver should go off
3. Remove and replace the harness, and follow these instructions again.

To DELETE a Remotes
1. To purge memory, press and hold program button
  LED will turn ON for four seconds, then Off, and finally ON again, indicating remotes purged
2. Release program button

Optional Channel 3 Output

Both jumpers in (default) Momentary output
Jumper closest to the harness removed Latching (on/off) output
Jumper farthest from the harness removed 75 second timed output
Both jumpers out 150 second timed output

This output 12VDC/500 ma (-) transistor output. it will be needed to add 12VDC relay
NOTE: When using gray wire with Powerflash module, it is not necessary to add relay
Connect gray wire to (-) side of Powerflash module and provide 12VDC to (+) side

Channel 3 Relay Wiring
Typical installation using a relay to switch power on and off to a low voltage accessory
NOTE: It may be necessary to add a diode across the coil to suppress spikes.

12VDC Power Input
Channels 1 and 2 relays onboard (2 Amp)
Channel 3 Selectable Output: 12VDC 500 ma (-) transistor output
This output can be reconfigured from pulsed output to latching, 75 or 150 second timed output
Frequency: 303 Mhz
Stand by Power Consumption: 20 ma
Temperature Range: -5 F to 160 F Indoor use only.

Battery: 12VDC Mini (Part #GP23A) Range: 100-150+ feet
Replace battery at least once a year