Street Smart CE2R Program

Holds up to 7 keyfobs
Quick Installation
Step 1) Unplug the receiver from the wire harness.
Step 2) Wire the Red, Black, Yellow and Green to the keypad. (Some panels may
only use 3 wires, refer to page 2, 3 for Caddx and Napco Gem P400, P600, P800.)

RED Connect to Keypad Red or Aux (+)
BLACK Connect to Keypad Black or Aux (-)
GREEN Connect to Keypad Green (Not used on Caddx, Napco Gem P400, P600, P800)
YELLOW Connect to Keypad Yellow. For Caddx connect to KP DATA
(For Napco Gem P400, P600 and P800 connect yellow to green of keypad)
Code Encryptor II enrolls as specific keypad address on below panels

Napco 1632, 3200, 9600 Address 2
FBII Addressable (XL4/4800) Address 8
Napco 1632, 3200 and 9600 panels must programmed for second keypad
If you choose to use PANIC you must also program that feature “ON” for keypad #2
The second keypad must be programmed to area #1 for the CEII to operate
1632 Address 0724 (*1) and Address 0731 (*4)
3200 Address 2426 (*1) and Address 2441 (*4)
9600 Address 2426 (*1) and Address 2441 (*4)
Step 3) Make sure the alarm panel is powered up and operating.
Step 4) While watching LED light on Control module, plug receiver into Code Encryptor harness
Step 5) LED will blink 1 time on power up, after 2 seconds COUNT flashes

Flashes Alarm Panel detected
1 No Alarm connected (CE II defaults to relay mode)
2 FBII using a 4600 style keypad
3 FBII using a 4612 style keypad
4 FBII using addressable keypad SEE PAGE 16 and 17
5 Napco 1632, 3200, 9600
6 Caddx NX4, NX6, NX8
7     Napco Gem P400, P600, P800, Express 400, 600
Step 7) 1. Press and HOLD program button on Receiver LED turns ON three seconds then OFF
2. RELEASE program button, LED will flash rapidly
Step 8) Using keypad, slowly and firmly enter four-digit User Code (do not use Master Code)
4 digit Codes ONLY, Code Encryptor will not operate properly if using 3 or 5 digit Code
(If using Napco press ON/OFF button to send four-digit Code.)

Press and Release button 1 Alarm “Away”
Press and Release button 1 Alarm “Disarm”
Press and Hold for 3 seconds   Alarm “Stay” or “Bypass”
Detailed Installation
Green Connect to green of keypad (Not used on Caddx, Napco Gem P400, P600,P800, Express 400, 600)
Yellow Connect to yellow of keypad (Caddx connect to KP DATA)
IMPORTANT: For Napco Gem P400, P600, P800 and Express 400, 600
connect yellow from the Code Encryptor to green of keypad
Gray (-) Channel 2 Timed Output
Red/White Channel 2 N/O relay (Garage Door Pushbutton)
White Channel 2 Common (Garage Door Pushbutton)
Brown Channel 3 Common (5amp)
Brown/White     Channel 3 N/O (5amp)
Blue/Green Channel 3 N/C (5amp)
Red +12VDC
Black (-) Ground
Purple LED (-) Output
Button 1 Alarm ON/OFF/STAY (Press and hold 3 seconds for STAY or BYPASS mode)
Button 2 Garage Door OPEN/CLOSE
Button 3 Panic (Hold for 3 seconds) or Relay Output (Press and Release)

Channel 2 Outputs
(Every time button #2 is pressed, two outputs happen simultaneously)

Output #1 Momentary Contact Closure for Opening and Closing
garage door (See Garage Door Interface)
Output #2 500ma (-) output for 3 minutes, (See Channel 2 Timed Output)

Garage Door Interface
All garage doors have wall mounted push button that activates the door via a two-wire connection
Make connection at push button switch or garage door motor where these two wires terminate
Attach Code Encryptor Red/White & White wires from to these two wires
Most garage doors use terminals 1 & 2. For MOM Crusader models, use terminals 2 and 3

Channel 2 Timed Output
Every time button 2 is pressed the Gray wire sends a 500ma (-) output for 3 minutes.

Application #1 – If you hardwire garage door use this output to trigger a 12VDC relay that energizes
when you open or close garage door extending entry/exit delay by 3 minutes, for security make
entry delay minimal so if thief enters through garage, entry delay will be short

Application #2 – You can use this output to drive entry/exit illumination
Every time customer enters or exits house this output can trigger a relay or X-10 Powerflash module
to interface with driveway, porch or Malibu lighting illuminating way as they leave and return home
The output activates automatically when you press button 2 on remote and will shut off after 3 minutes

Channel 3 Applications
Press and Release button #3 See Relay Output
Press and Hold button #3 for seconds See Panic Mode

Relay Output
Occasionally, you may want to use Channel 3 for control of optional accessories
Code Encryptor II provides the ability to reconfigure Channel 3 to a variety of outputs using
on-board jumpers. The output provided from Code Encryptor II is 5amp from C relay (Common, N/O, N/C)

Jumper Configuration Channel 3 Output Type
Both jumpers in (default) Momentary output
Jumper closest to the harness removed Latching (on/off) output
Jumper farthest from the harness removed 75sec timed output
Both jumpers out 150sec timed output

This output is a 5 amp Form C relay (Common, N/O/, N/C) to energize relay, press & release button 3

Panic Mode
Press and hold button 3 on remote control for 3 seconds
Napco 1632, 3200 and 9600 panels must be programmed for keypad #2 panic “ON”

Deactivating Panic Feature
In the event the user does not want panic button it can be de-activated from Code Encryptor II
Step 1) Unplug the wire harness from the Code Encryptor II
Step 2) Press and HOLD the program button
Step 3) While HOLDING program button, plug harness in, LED will turn ON
Step 4) Wait until LED turns “OFF”
Step 5) Once LED has turned “OFF” release button