ADC Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

    Silent Mode

    • Remotely turn off the indoor chime when someone is asleep in the house. Receive notifications on your mobile device instead of ringing the chime.
    Intelligent Lighting Automation

    • Set up rules to automatically turn on the porch lights when motion is detected at night.
    Two-Way Audio

    • Have a two-way conversation with visitors from your mobile device.
    • Power: Power: 8-36VAC, 10VA or 12VDC, 0.5 to 1.0A wired to in-home mechanical chime. Digital doorbell chime compatibility requires SkyBell Digital Doorbell Adapter – not included.
    • Wi-Fi: Compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz up to 150 Mbps.
    • Video Camera: 1080p/720p resolution, 180° view, auto-scaling, full-color.
    • Night Vision: Full-color night vision.
    • Motion Sensor: Detects motion up to 8’ range
    • Dimensions: 2.8 inches/7.1 cm wide, 0.9 inches/2.2 cm deep, 1.9 ounces/53.8 g weight.
    • Environment: Outdoor use, operating temp -40°F/-40°C to 140°F/60°C, 0-100% condensing, water resistant.


    The Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera must be powered by doorbell wiring.
    Check that the customer has an existing wired doorbell wired or wireless by:

    1. Inspecting the doorbell button
      • If the button is not connected to the wall by wires (i.e., has batteries), it is a wireless doorbell.
        • Note: The Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera must be mounted on a door frame with a width of 3 inches or greater. You can install the Doorbell Camera on a frame with a width of less than 3 inches, but the device will hang over the side. This is advisable as a workaround in some situations.
    2. Inspecting the door chime inside the home
      • If the chime is plugged in to an electrical outlet, it is likely a wireless chime.
      • If the chime is powered by wires coming from the wall, it is likely a wired chime.
    3. Make sure the existing doorbell is in good working condition
    4. Determine the chime type (mechanical or digital).
      • Locate the chime inside the home.
      • Remove the chime’s cover.
      • Visually inspect the chime.
        • If the chime has a metal bar and a striker pin, then it is mechanical.
          • Note: Mechanical chimes are compatible with the? Doorbell Camera without modification.
        • If the chime has a speaker then it is digital.
          • Note: Digital chimes require use of the?digital chime adapter accessory to be compatible with the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera.
        • If there is no chime, you will need to use a resister in order to prevent a short circuit.
    Wi-Fi Internet Speed

    1. Stand outside the home in the location you plan to install the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera.
    2. Close the door.
    3. Connect to the home’s 2.4 GhZ Wi-Fi network on your mobile device and disable cellular (LTE) internet.
    4. Go to or use a?speedtest app to run an internet speed test.
    5. Check the?UPLOAD speed. The Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera requires an upload speed of 1.5 Mbps.