ADC Image Sensor

    Low Battery has started sending low battery notifications for the Image Sensor. It sends the notification in advance and makes the panel beep. In order to fully clear the low battery you’ll need to change the batteries, and then press and hold the pound button for 10-15 seconds. If the batteries are nto changed and they just press and hold pound it will come back within at least 24 hours.

    The sensitivity can be changed in the Dealer Site. Login and click AirFX Toolkit, then Manage Image Sensor Sensitivity.
    There are 3 sensitivity settings:

    • High
    • Standard (default)
    • Low
    Testing the Image Sensor

    When the image sensor is first installed utilize You will need two things on that site, the radio serial number, and the site authorization code. The site authorization code can be found in interactive services under site authorization code. Once you have those two pieces of information you can request a peek-in without using the customers uploads, and without having to login to their
Image Sensor:

How to Open: