Silent Knight 5207 Trouble

(On Main Panel Display Only)
0 to 16 Zone (With Alarm, Alarm Memory or Trouble LED)
E0 Trouble With Dialer
E1 Trouble With External Printer
E7 Trouble With EEPROM Memory
F0 Keypad Power Trouble
F1 to F7 Trouble with Keypad
A1 to A4 Trouble with a particular bell output
P1 Trouble with Smoke Power
P2 Trouble with Accessory Power
P3 Earth Ground Fault to Circuit Ground
P4 Earth Ground Fault to Power
Po Printer Out of Power
dL Communicator lost data it was trying to transmit
dF Communicator Failure
dc Low Battery
Ac Low A/C Power
L1 Phone Line 1 Fault
L2 Phone Line 2 Fault