GE / ITI / UC Caretaker Plus Trouble

Press STATUS on Keypad to view troubles (also may have Voice speaker) or * then # on Telephone to find trouble
AC Power Fail AC transformer is bad or plug is not working
System Battery Failure Panel battery low, replacement available at local branch only
Sensor Failure Zone has failed, set for service
Sensor Low Battery Sensor battery Low
Fail To Communicate System could not communicate with monitoring station
Trouble or Event
Report Codes
78     Freeze Sensor
80 Keypad Fire Panic
81 Keypad Police Panic
82 Keypad Auxiliary Panic
83 Phone Test
84 Opening Report
85 Closing Report
86 Duress Alarm Report
87 Force Armed Auto
88 Energy Saver Module
90 AC Failure
91 Low Main Panel Battery
92 CPU Tamper (Cover is off of Control Panel)
93 Auto Phone Test
94 Receiver Failure (Try changing batteries)
95 CPU Back in Service (AC Restoral, everything is okay)
96 Fail To Communicate with Monitoring Station