GE / ITI / UC Commander 2000 Basics

Downloadable No
Zones 17 Wireless, 1 Hardwire (Zone 18)
There are 8-Zone Spanish and Monitronics versions, will say on power-up
Wireless Yes
AC Transformer 9-volts screwed into outlet somewhere in house
Panel 6 “AA” Alkaline or 6 Ni-Cad 1.2 volt Lithium
(Replace with same type, Lithium with Lithium, or it WILL be messy!)
Door/Window 3.6-volt Lithium
Motions 3.6-volt Lithium
Smoke Detector 2 9-volt Alkaline
Panic Buttons Police, Fire and Medical, Press each pair twice or hold down
Downloadable Yes, customer MUST be home and answer the phone
Away Arm 4-digit Code + 3 (AWAY) (Keypad says “Alarm System is ON, Level 3”)
Stay Arm 4-digit Code + 2 (STAY) (Keypad says “Alarm System is ON, Level 2”)
Instant Arm Arm STAY or AWAY + 4 (Keypad says “NO DELAY”)
Disarm 4-digit Code + 1 (OFF) (Keypad says “Alarm System is OFF, Level 1”)
Silence Alarm 4-digit Code + 1 (OFF) (Press STATUS to clear display)
Check Status Press STATUS (Keypad says status, Troubles and open zones)
Alarm Memory COMMAND + STATUS (Last alarm in memory)
Bypass 1. Enter code + BYPASS + sensor (01 to 18)
2. Keypad says “Sensor XX Bypassed”
3. Arm system in STAY or AWAY
Force Bypass 1. Open zone to bypass
2. Arm system in STAY or AWAY, keypad will beep rapidly
3. Press BYPASS, Keypad says “Alarm System is ON, Sensor XX Bypassed”
Reset Smoke 4-digit Code + 1 (OFF)
Door Chimes 4-digit Code + 7 (CHIME) (Keypad says “Chime ON or CHIME Off “)
Keypad Volume Press and hold COMMAND
Alarm Memory There is no alarm memory
Phone Test
1. Enter Master Code + 8 (Keypad says “Phone Test is ON”)
2. If Phone test fails (Keypad says “Phone Test Failure”)
3. If Phone test is good (Keypad says “Phone Test is OK”)
Sensor Test 1. Enter Master Code + 9 (Keypad says “Sensor Test is ON”)
2. Open Doors/Windows/walk past motion, press TEST on Smoke Det.
3. Keypad will beep and say “Sensor xx is OK”
4. Press Master Code + 1 (OFF) to end Sensor Test
(Wireless motions require no movement for 4 minutes prior to testing)
Arm Stay Press LOCK button once
Arm Away Press LOCK button twice
Disarm Press UNLOCK button
Police Panic Press LOCK and UNLOCK together
Light key Press to turn lights On/Off
Star Key Press for NO DELAY on doors
Medical Panic Press Lights and Star button together