Paradox Digiplex Basics

Zones 95 Hardwired or Wireless
Main Panel 12-volt rechargeable Gel-Cell inside main panel
Door/Window 2 3.6 Volt 1/2 “AA” Lithium (small size)
Motion 2 3.6 Volt Lithium “AA” batteries
Keyfob 1 3 Volt Lithium
AC Transformer 16 Volts somewhere in house
Downloadable NO
Panic Buttons 1 and 3 = Police Panic
4 and 6 = Medical Panic
7 and 9 = Fire Panic
Arm Away User Code + ARM button
Arm Stay User Code + STAY button
Arm Instant User Code + 5
Force Arm (If Zone is open) User Code + FORCE button
Arm Partition #1 1. Press and hold 1 to 4 to select Partition (1 to 4)
2. Press ARM button to Arm Away, STAY button to Arm Stay etc
Arm Partition #2 1. Enter User Code + ARM, STAY then Partition (1 to 4)
2. Press ARM button to Arm Away, STAY button to Arm Stay etc
Quick Arm Press ARM or STAY or FORCE buttons (May not be enabled)
Disarm User Code + DISARM button (Keypad should beep)
For Partitioned Systems enter User Code + DISARM + Partition (1 to 4)
Cancel Signal User Code + 0 + DISARM (Stops Alarm Communication)
Smoke Reset Hold CLEAR and ENTER for 2 seconds
(If this does NOT reset smoke detector set for service, smoke is bad)
1. Press MEM button (MEM and Zone in alarm turns ON)
2. Press CLEAR button to exit then Arm and Disarm to clear
Bypass Zone 1. User Code + BYP button (PRG turns ON, BYP light flashes)
2. Enter 2-Digit Zone (01 to 95) (Bypassed Zone light turns ON)
3. Press ENTER button to exit (BYP light will stay ON)
View Bypass 1. User Code + BYP button + MEM button (Zones Bypassed will show)
2. Press ENTER to exit
Door Chimes 1. Enter User Code (Keypad Beeps)
2. Press 9 button (Keypad Beeps, PRG Flashes)
3. Press 1 button (PRG & Zones set for Chime turn ON)
4. Enter Zone to Chime (01 to 95) (Keypad beeps, Zone Light turns ON)
5. Press CLEAR button to exit
Set Time/Date 1. Press 8 button (TRBL Flashes, PRG turns ON)
2. Enter Hours and Minutes Military Time (Keypad beeps)
(1:30PM would be 1330)
3. Enter Year/Month/Day (July 02 2000 would be 20000702)
4. Press CLEAR button to exit
Adjust Display User Code + 8 + Arrow Keys to increase or decrease display brightness
System Test User Code + 8 (TRBL turns ON if any problems)
Phone Test User Code + 0 + STAY
Download Info User Code + 0 + ARM (Answers Download call)
User Code + 0 + FORCE (Calls Download Computer)
(The dealer who installs these downloads them all, likely locked out)