Optex Morse MDC 8 / 16 / 32 Basics

MDC 8 = 8
MDC 16 = 16
MDC 32 = 32 (Usually all hardwired)
Battery 12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell inside main panel
AC Transformer 16.5 volts, screwed into outlet somewhere in house
Wireless Usually not on these systems
Downloadable NO
Keypad must show “System Ready – Zones Normal” before arming
Status Press SCAN to view open zones, CLEAR to exit (May need to enter code first)
Arm Away User Code + ARM key (Keypad logo changes Green to Red)
Arm Stay User Code + ARM/AUX or User Code + ARM
Disarm User Code (Keypad logo changes Green to Red)
Reset Smoke User Code + RESET key
Bypass 1. Enter User Code and press SCAN button
2. Display shows first zone, press BYPASS to bypass or SCAN to move to next
3. Press CLEAR to exit to Arm screen or CLEAR again to exit completely
Note: To REMOVE bypass press RESET instead of BYPASS or arm and disarm
Door Chimes User Code + MONITOR to enable, User Code + CLEAR button to disabled
Alarm History System has 2 types, Alarm and Open/Close history
1. Enter User Code and press MEMORY button once
2. Display will show last alarm in memory
3. Press SCAN button to view any other alarms
4. Press CLEAR, display shows “Next Command”
5. Press MEMORY button twice (this moves to Alarm History)
6. Display shows last alarm in memory, press CLEAR once
7. Display shows”All History”, press SCAN to view all alarms in memory
8. Press CLEAR, display shows “Next Command”
9. Enter User Code and press MEMORY button three times
10. Display will show “Open Close History”
11. Display shows who last armed/ disarmed, press SCAN to show all memory
12. Press CLEAR until display shows Time and Date (normal)
(At any time press CLEAR to exit)
Set Clock 1. Enter Master Code + PROGRAM + 3
2., Display will show “Time Clock” and scroll the current Date & Time
3. Enter time and date then press CLEAR until system returns to normal
Display Adjust Press BYPASS and ENTER at same time to increase display brightness
Press SCAN and MEMORY at same time to decrease display brightness