Optex Morse Genesys 824R Trouble

Trouble LED will turn on, keypad may begin beeping, trouble will display
Silence Trouble User Code
Display Trouble User Code + ↑ + 5, press 5 to scroll, exit with User Code
Sample Troubles Alpha Keypad shows full trouble text, Standard keypad shows abbreviated

Standard   LCD Keypad
BUS BUS FAILURE =Trouble Keypad or Main Panel (set for service)
COM COM FAILURE = Fail to Communicate (try sending a signal)
TLm TELEPHONE LINE TROUBLE = Phone Line down (try sending a signal)
ERR SYSTEM ERROR = Internal Panel Problem (set for service
AC AC FAILURE = System is not getting power (check breakers?)
BATT LOW BATTERY = Low Backup Battery (change battery)
TRBL 2 WIRE SMOKE TROUBLE = Smoke Trouble (Power down system)
BELL BELL CIRCUIT TROUBLE = Siren Trouble (set for service)
01:T ZONE xx TROUBLE (set for service)
Reset Smoke User Code + ↑ + 2
System Test (Tests keypads and addon modules)
1. Installer Code + ↑ + 7 Keypad should say PRG
3. Press 99, display will read TST8
4. Press 1, keypad will display WAIT (Do not touch for test period)
5. Wait 50 seconds, during this keypad displays ERR and beeps
6. After keypad stops beeping press ↑ to view results
Symbols for each module are
B1:– = Keypad 1
B2:– = Keypad 2
B3:– = Keypad 3
B4:– = Keypad 4
B9:– = Expander Board 1
BA:– = Expander Board 2
BB:– = Fire Module (G-FM)