2Gig Go! Control Translator

    Super Switch (Takeover Module) Programming

  1. Select RF sensor #(01 to 48). Assign the Takeover Module to a new zone.

    • (Terminals 1‐8)
  2. Select RF sensor type.

    • (01) Exit/Entry
    • (02) Exit/Entry
    • (03) Perimeter
    • (04) Interior Follower
  3. Select RF equipment type.
  4. Select RF sensor equipment code. Enter 0873 for the 2GIG‐TAKE‐345 module.
  5. Enter RF sensor serial number (7 digits).

    • Manual Entry: Type in the last 7‐digit serial number that ends in “1” (XXX‐XXXX1) that is found on the back of the Super Switch (this is the serial number for Zone 1). or each additional zone, add a digit to the end of the serial number. For
      example, Zone (terminal) 2 will be (XXX‐XXX2)

    • Auto Entry: With the panel in Learn‐in mode (press Shift then Learn) trip the zone that you want to learn in. The correct TX ID should appear. Accept the correct TX ID by pressing ok.
    • Remember to press the ↓ arrow to continue through the system configuration prompts.
  6. Select RF sensor equipment age.

    • (0) new (product is new)
  7. Select RF sensor loop number (1).

    • (1) 1
  8. Select RF sensor 1 dialer delay.

    • (0) disabled
    • (1) enabled
  9. Construct RF sensor descriptor. Press Insert then press any number between 002 and 255 to add a word.

    • Example If you wanted to name this Takeover Module as “Wireless Sensor Tool,” press Insert then press 252 for WIRELESS.
    • Press Insert then press 191 for SENSOR. Press Insert then press 233 for TOOL.
  10. Select RF sensor reports (0 to 1).

    • (0) disabled (sensor does NOT report to the central station)
    • (1) enabled (sensor reports to the central station)
  11. Select RF sensor supervised (0 to 1).

    • (0) disabled (sensor does NOT report loss of supervision or low battery)
    • (1) enabled (sensor reports loss of supervision or low battery)
  12. Select RF sensor chime (0 to 13).

    • (0) disabled (panel will not chime when sensor is activated)
    • (1‐13) enabled (selects a voice and/or chime to sound when sensor is activated)
  13. To program another sensor, click next.
  14. To exit programming, click skip then end