2Gig Go! Control Image

    Alarm.com Image Sensor

  1. Enter the “system configuration” menu in the “installer toolbox”.

    • Under Q1, select the RF sensor #. (Unused zone 01 to 48)
  2. Select the RF sensor type. (Recommended: 04- Interior Follower, 10- Interior w/ Delay, 23- No Response Type)
  3. Select RF sensor equipment type. ((2) Motion)
  4. Select RF sensor equipment code. (9999 ADC Image Sensor)
  5. Register the RF Sensor Serial Number. Click “learn” to initiate learn mode on the panel and XCVR2 radio. Power up the Image Sensor by inserting the batteries or using a paper clip to hold the sensor’s reset button for 3 seconds.
  6. Select RF sensor equipment age.
  7. Select RF sensor loop number. (Recommended: Loop 1)
  8. Select RF sensor dialer delay.
  9. Construct RF sensor voice descriptor. (Recommended shortcuts: 147- Motion Detector, 120- IS)
  10. Select RF sensor reports. (Recommended: (1) Enabled)
  11. Select RF sensor supervised. (Recommended: (1) Enabled)
  12. Select RF sensor chime.
  13. Continue to edit next sensor or select skip, end and exit to save changes.
  14. Perform a cell phone test to ensure that the updated equipment list is sent to Alarm.com.
    **Contact Alarm.com support to remotely update the battery type (alkaline or lithium) should the panel have a low battery error after they’ve been replaced.