2Gig Go! Control Basics

Disarm: Cannot be remotely disarmed.
Available Zones: 48 wireless, 2 hardwire, 8 Keyfobs, 4 Keypads
Programming: 1-48: Wireless Zones
49-50: Hardwire Zones
51-58: Key Fob Zones
59-63: Key Pad Zones
Batteries: Main Battery – 7.2 Volt Ni-mh battery pack
Downloadable: Yes (alarm.com)
Panic Buttons: Emergency (+) button -> Panic, Fire, Medical
Status: Status button – 4 digit code -or- Home -> Security -> Status
Arm Away: Arm -> Away button- 4 digit code
Arm Stay: Arm -> Stay button- 4 digit code
Chime/Voice: Buttons on main panel screen
Alarm Memory: Toolbox -> System History
Date/Time: Toolbox -> Set Date/Time
Clear Alerts: 1. Press the blinking message button to display all current alerts.

2. View the listed events. If there are more than three alerts, use the ↑ and ↓ arrows to scroll through the list.

3. After viewing the message, press OK to acknowledge.