Napco XP400 Basics

Zones 4 hardwired or wireless (usually hardwired)
Main Panel 12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell
Door/Window 1 3-Volt Lithium Model DL123A
Glassbreaks 2 3-Volt Lithium Model DL123A
Motions 2 3-Volt Lithium Model DL123A
Keyfob 2 3-Volt Lithium Flat type (not sure of model #)
Remote Panic 2 Energizer 386 1.5-Volt Silver Oxide
Smoke Detector 2 9-volt Alkaline
AC Transformer 16-volts plugged in somewhere in house
Downloadable Yes
Panic Buttons Only Police and Medical keys used
Arm 4-digit code
Disarm 4-digit code (Press # if incorrect User Code entered)
Reset Smoke 4-digit code + #
(If this does not reset smoke, power down and set for service)
Silence Alarm 4-digit code twice to silence siren and clear display
Bypass + Zone (1 to 6)
Quick Arm * 0
Easy Exit * 0 (allows leaving without disarming then arming system)
Instant Arm * 4 + User Code
Door Chime * 5
Keypad Sounds Toggle On/Off with * 9
System Test * 1 (Tests Siren and Battery only)
Sensor Test None, Arm system then trip sensors
(Wireless motions require no movement for 4 minutes prior to testing)
Access Output * 3
Sleep Mode * 9 (Enabling this will disable keypad sounds for that keypad)
To arm the panel with a system trouble
This panel can be armed when a system trouble is present.
Sinmply press the checkmark button twice, and arm the panel normally