Napco MA700 Basics

Chip Programmable only, cannot be downloaded or programmed from keypad
Zones 4 Hardwire zones, 1 24 hr Panic Zone
Battery 12 volt rechargeable inside main control panel
AC Transformer 16.5 volts, screwed into outlet somewhere in house
Wireless No
Downloadable No
Panic Button Police Panic only, press * & #
Zone Status STATUS light blinks if zone open, 1 blink = Zone 1, 2 blinks = Zone 2 etc
Arm 4-digit User Code
(If arming with open zone keypad beeps & flashes, enter code again to clear)
Instant Doors There is no instant door function
Disarm 4-digit User Code
Silence Alarm 4-digit User Code (ARMED/MEMORY flashes Zone in alarm (4 flashes = Zone 4)
Clear Alarm Arm then disarm
Bypass Zone Press S key + Zone (1, 2, 3 etc) (SHUNT light turns ON)
Alarm History There is no alarm history
Smoke Reset Press button on outside of Main Control Panel
Door Chimes There is no door chime