MA 2600 Basics

Zones 64
Resistors 2.2k
Fuses 3 Amp Horn, 1 Keypad, 4 Amp Siren Driver, 3 Amp Aux Power
Battery 12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell inside main panel
Wireless No
Downloadable Yes but very difficult
Panic Buttons Yes, 3 for Police, Fire and Medical (Medical will not work if zone 15 is used)
Arm Enter User Code + ON/OFF key, Red SYSTEM ON light till turn on
Disarm Enter User Code + ON/OFF key
Silence Alarm Enter User Code + ON/OFF key
Instant Arm Press INSTANT before or after Arming
Quick Arm Not sure, may be able to press INSTANT, ON/OFF or INTERIOR
Door Chime Press FUNCTION key until ACTIVATE CHIME displays, press ON/OFF then RESET
Reset Press RESET key
Bypass Press BYPASS ZONE button + zone (01 to 64)
Reset Smoke Press RESET
(If this does not work power down and set for service)
Phone Test Press 6 for 3 seconds, a failed phone test will cause keypad to sound steady tone
Press FUNCTION to scroll through options, [BYPASS] to scroll backwards, [ON/OFF] to select
Press RESET or scroll to ******EXIT****** to exit
DISPLAY STATUS – Shows all open zones
DIRECTORY – Scrolls through all zone descriptions
DISPLAY BYPASS – Scrolls through all bypassed zones
DISPLAY FIRE – Displays status of fire zones
DISPLAY SYS TBL – Displays all troubles
DISPLAY HISTORY – Displays alarm history
SENSOR ACTIVITY – Displays Motion zone activity
FAULT FIND – Activates Fault-Find mode (beats me what this is)
TELCO TEST – Tests phone line (If enabled)
BELL TEST – Activates Siren for 2 seconds
ACTIVATE SERVICE – Activates Service Code after arming
ACTIVATE WATCH – Activates all Day Zones
ACTIVATE CHIME – Enables/Disables Door Chime
ACTIVATE LOCATE – Activates Locate feature
START EXIT TIME – Starts exit time without Ringback
ACTIVATE PROGRAM – Enters into Panel Programming
Note: Use Installer Code + ON/OFF button to enter
RESET SENSOR MSG – Clears PIR Activity Failure
DOWNLOAD – Sends panel to our download computer
******EXIT****** – Exits Function Menu and returns to Ready