Napco 1008LKDL Trouble

Keypad trouble will display as Number + flashing ARMED/ALARM, STATUS and BYPASS lights
1 = AC Failure
2 = Low Panel Battery
3 = Communication Failure
4 = Wireless Transmitter Supervisory
5 = Low Wireless Transmitter Battery
6 = Receiver Trouble
7 = Auto-Download Failure
8 Flashing = Telephone Line Trouble
8 Solid = EEPROM scrambled (Use downloader and run error check to fix)
Any other number means an internal panel problem
Press and hold 9 for 3 seconds to silence keypad beeps
Customer can use system with trouble but keypad will flash trouble
anytime armed or disarmed enter User Code again to continue
Smoke Reset Enter User Code to silence alarm, hold 9 for 3 seconds to reset