Napco 1008LKDL Basics

Zones 6 Hardwired
Battery 12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell inside main panel
AC Transformer 16.5 volts, screwed into outlet somewhere in house
Wireless Yes but VERY rarely
Downloadable Yes
Panic Buttons Police Panic * and #
Zone Status
STATUS Light Steady = Zones closed, Ready to Arm
Status Light Blinking = Open Zones (Hold 3 for 3 seconds to view)
Arm 4-digit User Code (MUST have steady STATUS light)
Instant Doors Hold 4 for 3 seconds before arming (STATUS flashes rapidly)
Disarm 4-digit User Code
Silence Alarm 4-digit User Code, Zone will flash (Hold 9 for 3 seconds to clear)
Flashing P User tried Arming without steady STATUS light, disarm and try again
Bypass Press S key + Zone (1 to 6) (BYPASS light will turn on)
Group Bypass (If enabled) Press S twice to bypass multiple Interior Zones
Smoke Reset Press 9 for 3 seconds
Door Chimes Hold 5 for 3 seconds
Phone Test Hold 6 for 3 seconds, failed test will cause keypad to sound steady tone
Alarm History (LCD Keypads only) Hold [B] for 3 seconds
Keypad Test (LCD Keypads only) Hold * and 3 at same time
Zone Directory (LCD Keypads only) Hold # for 3 seconds