Moose ZX 300 / 310 Trouble

Keypad Trouble light will turn on, keypad will beep during any troubles
Press OFF/CANCEL + User Code to stop sounder, some keypads will alternatly show regularm system status as well as trouble
Identify Trouble
1. Press OFF/CANCEL + User Code to silence keypad sounder
2. Press 1 Key (View Info) to view what zone is in trouble or….
3. Press 1 key again, zone light will show trouble
Zone Light 1 = AC Failure
Zone Light 2 = Panel Low Battery
Zone Light 3 = Memory Error (Internal panel trouble)
Zone Light 4 = Communication Failure
Zone Light 5 = Missing Keypad (Bad keypad or keypad wire)
Zone Light 6 = RF Wireless Jamming Trouble
Zone Light 7 = Siren Trouble
Zone Light 8 = Phone Line trouble
(LCD Keypads will show text of what the problem is)
Certain LED Keypads will show troubles as 3 digits
E01 = AC Power Failure E11 = Fire Zone Trouble
E02 = Low Battery E12 = Fire Alarm Siren Trouble
E03 = Memory Error (internal trouble) E13 = Fire Supervisory Trouble
E04 = Communication Failure E14 = Alarm Silenced
E05 = Missing Keypad (Keypad trouble) E15 = Burglar Tamper Trouble
E06 = RF Wireless Jamming E16 = Zone not Responding
E07 = Siren Trouble E17 = RF Supervisory Trouble
E08 = Telephone Line Trouble E18 = Smoke Maintenance Needed
E09 = Wireless Receiver Trouble E19 = RF Wireless Zone Tamper
E10 = Zone Trouble E20 = RF Wireless Zone Low Battery
noC = No Communication from Panel (Keypad Trouble?)
Battery Test 8 + User code + 2 (If battery test failes Trouble Light turns ON)
Phone Test 8 + User Code + 4 (Keypad sounds 4 beeps if okay)
Sensor Test 8 + User Code + 1 (keypad beeps if zone open, CLEAR to quit)