Moose ZX 200 / 210 Basics

We cannot do downloads for any Moose panels!
Zones 8 Hardwired or Wireless (Usually Hardwired)
Downloadable No
AC Transformer 16-volts plugged in somewhere in house
Main Panel 12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell
Door/Window 1 3-Volt Lithium Model DL123A
Glassbreaks 2 3-Volt Lithium Model DL123A
Motions 1 3-Volt Lithium Model DL123A
Keyfob 1 3-Volt Lithium Flat type (CR2032)
Remote Panic 1 3-Volt Lithium Flat type (CR2032)
Wireless Yes
Panic Buttons Fire, Police and Medical, press twice or hold for 3 seconds to activate
Arm Away AWAY Key + User Code
Arm Stay STAY Key + User Code
Arm Night NIGHT Key + User Code
Arm Instant Arm with above commands, press ENTER during Exit Delay
Force Arm Arm with above commands + User Code + Arming key again within 5 seconds
Quick Arm Press AWAY, STAY or NIGHT Key + ENTER
Disarm OFF/CANCEL Key + User Code
Silence Alarm OFF/CANCEL Key + User Code
Bypass Zones 4 + User Code + Zone (01 to 08) + ENTER + ENTER
Force Bypass 4 + User Code + 99 + ENTER + ENTER (Fire Zones cannot be bypassed)
Remove Bypass 4 + User Code + 0 + ENTER + ENTER (Or try Arming then Disarming)
Smoke Reset 7 + User Code
(If this does NOT reset smoke detector set for service, smoke is bad)
Alarm Memory 2 + User Code (Zone light will show last alarm)
Door Chimes 6 Key + User Code to turn On or Off
Phone Test 8 + User Code + 4 (Keypad will sound 4 beeps if okay)
Sensor Test 8 + User Code + 1 (keypad beeps if zone open, CLEAR quits)