Moose Z800 / Z950 Basics

We cannot do downloads for any Moose panels!
Zones 8 Hardwire Only Zones
Battery 12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell inside main panel
AC Transformer 16.5 volts, screwed into outlet in house
Wireless No
Downloadable No
Panic Buttons Police, Fire, Medical (Press twice or hold for 3 seconds)
Arm Enter User Code (Must have READY light)
Stay Arm Hold 4 for 3 seconds before arming
Instant Doors Hold 5 for 3 seconds before arming
Disarm 4-digit Code (Press * if wrong Code entered)
Reset Alarms Press *
Smoke Reset Hold 7 key for 3 seconds then press *
(If this does NOT reset smoke set for service, smoke is bad)
Alarm Memory Hold 3 for 3 seconds until beep (Keypad will show last alarm)
To clear, arm and disarm the panel
Bypass Motions Hold 4 for 3 seconds until beep (Motion zone should start flashing)
Bypass Zones Press # + Zone (1 to 8) (Bypassed Zone should Flash)
Remove Bypass Press # 9 or Arm & Disarm (Zone light will stop flashing)
Door Chimes Hold 6 for 3 seconds (Enables or Disables)
Sensor Test 1. Hold 8 for 3 seconds until beep
2. Open doors, windows and walk by motions, keypad beeps each time
3. To exit press * or arm/disarm system