Moose Z2000 Program

Format Versions before 2.1 cannot support Contact ID

Keypad Alpha only and has 3 function keys below Display, each works with whatever displays above
Example: Press Function key below LEAVE to arm in Away mode

Enter Program 1. Press MENU (blue triangle) 3 times until Display reads PROG OPTIONS
2. Press Middle Function key
3. Enter Installer Code (default is 96321)
4. Press Middle Function Key below PROG PANEL display

System works with menu’s, display will show M1 for Menu 1, M2 for Menu 2 etc
Under Menu display will read
1. PREV to move back through menu’s
2. NEXT to move forward through menu’s
3. SELECT to select that menu

Below each is a function key, press to use with what shows above on Alpha display
First AREA 1 – use NEXT to scroll through options
Entry/Exit Times, Keypad Panic Definitions etc
Press PREV to back out to main menu then NEXT for next Menu option
2nd M2: Keypad Definitions
Enables Panics and partition areas
3rd Zone Definitions