Moose Z1100 Trouble

OFF No AC Power
Flashing Backup battery low

READY ON Zones closed, Ready to Arm
OFF One or more Zones are open (see Status Command)
Slow Flash One or more Zones are Bypassed
Fast Flash Burg Zone open and at least 1 zone is bypassed

ARMED ON System is Armed
OFF System is Disarmed
Flashing System had an Alarm

INTERIOR ON Interior Zones are Enabled
OFF Interior Zones are Disabled
ON Flashing System has Failed to Communicate
OFF Flashing Panic B (Fire) was activated

DELAY ON Entry Delay on exterior Zones normal
OFF Entry Delay on exterior Zones OFF
ON Flashing Internal System failure
OFF Flashing Panic C (Medical) was activated

Fire Light ON Panic A (Fire) was activated
OFF Normal
Flashing Panic A (Fire) or a supervisory zone is in Trouble

All Lights Scrolling Keypad wire broken or internal trouble
Flashing System in Program Mode

1st 7 Lights Flashing Program Mode entered and system is in Download Mode

Reset Smoke 7 + User Code + *
(If this does NOT reset smoke set for service, smoke is bad)

Sensor Test 8 + User Code, open door/windows, keypad beeps, press * to end