Linear DVS 1200 / 2400 Trouble

Power Light ON = Normal
DIM = AC Power Failure
FLASHING = Low Backup Battery
Batteries Light Sensor Low Battery, press * for 1 second to view sensor
Trouble Light Sensor Failure, press * for 1 second to view sensor
(Batteries Light may also turn on indicating sensor low battery)
Test Keypad Holding TEST will turn on all keypad lights
Test System 1. Enter User Code + TEST (1 beep)
2. Zone lights flash each untested zone
3. As Zone is tested its light will turn off
4. Test finishes when all zones are activated
(Test Wireless Keypads by holding AUTO key on keypad)
Panel Battery 1. Remove clear plastic Zone light cover by prying off with paperclip
2. Remove screw found underneath and open keypad
3. Battery is in holder, 12 Volt Rechargable
Radio Trouble 1 or more sensors have not checked in