Linear Dual 824 Basics

Zones 24 Zones, 8 can be Hardwired
Frequency 315 Mhz
AC Transformer 16-Volt 28AH screwed into outlet somewhere in house
Main Panel 12-volt 1.2 amp
Doors/Windows 2 3-volt Lithium Hearing-Aid type DL or CR 2032
Panics 2 3-volt Lithium Hearing-Aid type DL or CR 1620
Remote keypads 1 9 volts Alkaline
Smoke Detectors 2 9-volts Alkaline
Glassbreaks 1 or 2 9-volt Alkaline (All available at grocery stores etc)
Panic Buttons 2 for Fire or Emergency (press and hold for 3 seconds)
Some systems have Voice Module to speak many system functions
Arm Away User Code + AWAY (1 gong + 3 beeps)
Arm Home User Code + HOME (1 gong + 2 beeps)
Instant Home User Code + HOME then hold HOME 2 seconds (1 gong + 2 beeps)
Quick Arm Hold HOME or AWAY 2 seconds (If enabled)
Disarm User Code + OFF (1 gong)
Silence Alarm User Code + OFF (Many beeps)
Reset Alarm Press * or Arm then Disarm
Bypass 1. Open zone and Arm system (4 beeps)
2. Arm again within 5 seconds (1 gong + 2 beeps)
Secure Exit If armed enter User Code + HOME to leave within 30 seconds without disarming
Door Chime User Code + CHIME or hold CHIME 2 seconds (1 gong + 1 beep)
(A) Key Activates lights or other Home Automation Devices (if enabled)
Test System
1. Enter User Code + TEST (1 beep)
2. Zone lights flash each untested zone
3. As Zone is tested its light will turn off
4. Test finishes when all zones are activated
(Test Wireless Keypads by holding AUTO key on keypad)
(Wireless motions require no movement for 4 minutes prior to testing)