Linear DF-16 SSD Defiant Trouble

Power Light
ON = AC and Backup Battery OK
OFF = System has no power
DIM = AC Power Failure
FLASHING = Low Battery or Blown Fuse
Zone Lights
OFF = Zone Closed
ON = Zone Open
FLASHING = Zone is/was in Alarm
BLINKING = Zone Low Battery
Test Keypad Holding TEST will turn on all keypad lights
Test System
1. Enter User Code + TEST or hold TEST for 3 seconds
2. Zone lights will Flash for each untested zone
3. As each Zone is tested its light will turn off
(Test Wireless Keypads by holding AUTO key on keypad)
4. Test finishes when all zones activated or no key pressed in 30 seconds
Battery Info Flip up top cover to show Battery and Fuse
(If Battery is new and POWER light is Flashing check Fuse)