Linear 21st Sentry CP90 Trouble

If Trouble Light on keypad blinks press Key for one second to view
Clear Trouble Press Key + 97 to clear (if possible)
Low Battery Sensor will show on Sensor Display Window, Low Battery light will be on
Zone Trouble Sensor will show on Sensor Display Window, Supervisory light will be on
Sensor Tamper Sensor shows on Display, Tamper Light will be ON (Check if sensor cover is off)
Other Troubles 73 = Communication Failure
74 = Panel Low Battery
75 = Aux Power Fuse Failure
76 = Fire Fuse Failure
77 = Radio (Wireless Receiver) Failure
78 = AC or Battery Power has failed
79 = Panel Tamper (Panel is/was opened)
80 = AC Power Failure
86 = EEPROM Write Failure (Internal panel problem)
87 = A keypad has been wired but not installed into system memory (Function 21)
88 = EEPROM Failure (Internal memory error)
89 = Watchdog Failure (Internal panel operation failure)