Guardsman 5000M Basics

Difference between 5000M, 6000M, 7000M and 8000M is “extras” supplied, all are same system
Zones 4 all wireless (I think zones can be doubled using 2 or 3 sensors per zone)
Main Panel 8 AA Ni-Cad inside back of keypad
Remote 12 Volt 35mah Mini-Alkaline
Motions 9 Volt Alkaline
Door/Windows 9 Volt Alkaline
Smoke Detector 9 Volt Alkaline
AC Transformer 12 Volts, screwed into outlet close to keypad
Downloadable Yes
Panic Buttons Hold 1 & 3 together 3 seconds for Police Panic, Zone 4 and HELP Led turns on
Arm Away Press AWAY Key
Arm Home Press HOME Key
Disarm Enter 4-Digit User Code + #/OFF key or press DISARM button on Keyfob
Clear Memory Press CLEAR
Bypass Zones Open Zones are automatically bypassed when Arming
Test Mode 1. Enter 4-Digit Code + */TEST (Disarm Light will Blink)
2. Open all Sensors, keypad will beep
3. Press #/OFF Button to Exit
Answer Phone Press 7 + */TEST if phone ringing (Press CLR to hang up)
Press DISARM on Keyfob twice (Press Once to hang up)
Make Calls Press 7 + */TEST + Phone Number (Press CLR to hang up)
Phone Test 1. Enter User Code + */TEST Button
2. Press 1 + */TEST Button (System should call and go 2-way)
3. Press 2 + */TEST Button
4. Press OFF key to end test and CLR to reset System
Remote Access 1. Call home, let ring once then hang up
2. Wait 10 seconds and Call again (System answers, gives 1 beep)
3. Enter User Code (System gives long beep)

1 = Open 2-Way Communication 6 = Turn off Microphone
2 = Arm System in Away Mode 7 = Activates Alarm (Panic)
3 = Disarm System 8 = Stop Alarm
4 = Arm System in Home Mode 9 = Status (beep = Armed)
5 = Microphone ON (Listen In) 0 = End 2-Way & Hang Up
Sensor Setup (Requires Keyfob)
1. All sensors must have matching Dip Switch House settings for House Code
2. Set Zone by 4-pin Dip Switch on sensor
3. Enter Master Code then press TEST
4. Press 9 + TEST
5. Press ARM on Keyfob 2 seconds, Panel beeps and accepts new House Code
6. Enter Master Code + OFF to exit
Note: Setting sensor as Zone 1 automatically makes it an E/E Zone