Guardsman 3000M Basics

Zones 4 all wireless
Wireless Yes
Main Panel 9 Volt Alkaline in back of Keypad
Remote 12 Volt 35mah Mini-Alkaline
Motions 9 Volt Alkaline
Door/Windows 9 Volt Alkaline
Smoke Detector 9 Volt Alkaline
AC Transformer 12 Volts, screwed into outlet close to the keypad
Downloadable Yes (Really!)
Panic Buttons Police Panic, hold 1 & 3 for 3 seconds or press PANIC button on Keyfob
Arm Away Press AWAY Key or ARM button on Keyfob (MODE light turns ON)
Arm Home Press HOME Key or ARM button on Keyfob (MODE light FLASHES)
Disarm 4-Digit User Code + OFF or press DISARM button on Keyfob
Bypass Zones Open Zones are automatically bypassed when Arming
Test Mode 1. Enter 4-Digit Code + TEST
2. Open all Sensors, press ARM and DISARM on Keyfob, Keypad will beep
3. Press OFF Button to Exit
Dip Switches Sensors must match 8-pin Dip Switch on Panel
Set Zone Number by 4-Pin Dip switch on sensor
(Zone 1 is always Entry/Exit Zone