GE / ITI / UC SX V Program

Format ITI only, can be programmed by CS-4000
DO NOT power down system or programming will be lost, use switch on bottom right to turn off
On Powerup CPU will show RR for 2 minutes then CS in display window and beep every 60 seconds
Enter Program
With Wireless
1. Program House Code into Wireless Keypad with ITI Programmer (1 to 254)
2. Move Program Switch 2 UP to enter program (See wiring Diagram)
3. Press BYPASS on Remote Keypad to program House Code into Control Panel
(Control panel will show P, sensor number display will go blank for few seconds)
Exit Program Move Switch 2 DOWN

Press and HOLD BOTH FIRE, AUX or POLICE keys listed below, keypad will give initial beep then beep again
Add Sensor STATUS + 2-digit sensor number

Decimal to Octal Zone Conversion Zones
SX-V Panel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 30
Programmer 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Delete Sensor BYPASS + 2 digit Zone (Zone Number defines Zone Type)
Master Code AUXILIARY + 4-digit code (Keypad should beep twice)
Duress Code POLICE + 2-digits (99)
Entry Time POLICE + STATUS + (0 to 60)
Exit Time POLICE + BYPASS + (0 to 60)
Account # FIRE + STATUS + last 5 digits of Account#
Receiver # FIRE + BYPASS + Phone #
CPU Clock Hold AUXILIARY, listen for 6 beeps, press BYPASS, enter current time of day

Enter Program
With LCD
1. Program House Code into Remote Keypad with ITI Programmer (1 to 254)
2. Move Program Switch 2 UP to enter program (See wiring Diagram)
3. After several seconds keypad should say “Program Mode”
Move to Location Press STATUS to move forward, BYPASS moves backwards through Selections
Enter a Location Press COMMAND, enter Data, COMMAND again to save (Keypad blinks “OK”)
Exit a Location Press FIRE to move back up to top of Menus (see below list)
Exit Program Move Switch 2 DOWN

Program Fields (Move to field, COMMAND enters, STATUS or BYPASS toggles, FIRE exits)
PROGRAM SENSORS Press STATUS, enter Zone nr, press COMMAND, enter Alpha (A-I) press COMMAND, FIRE exits
ADD SENSORS Press STATUS, enter Zone nr, COMMAND to save
DELETE SENSORS Press STATUS, enter Zone nr, COMMAND to save
PROGRAM FEATURES Enable or Disable F00 to F17
(See bottom of this page)
(Toggle ON/OFF with BYPASS / STATUS)
CPU TIME Set panel time (Military) (COMMAND to save, FIRE exits)
ACCESS CODE Enters Master Code (COMMAND to save, FIRE exits)
DURESS CODE Enter 99 (COMMAND to save, FIRE exits)
ACCOUNT NUMBER Last 5 of Account (no letters) (COMMAND to save, FIRE exits)
PHONE NUMBER 7 to 11 Digits (COMMAND to save, FIRE exits)
ENTRY DELAY 04 to 60 seconds (COMMAND to save, FIRE exits)
EXIT DELAY 04 to 60 seconds (COMMAND to save, FIRE exits)
HOUSE CODE 001 to 254, must match sensors (COMMAND to save, FIRE exits)
LOOP NUMBER for Keypad Zone Loop
LOOP IS N/C / N/O Configures Keypad Zone
UNIT NUMBER 0 to 7 (don’t know what this is yet)
STATUS BEEPS Toggle Status beeps On/Off with STATUS / BYPASS
QUICK ARM ON / OFF Toggle Quick Arm On/Off with STATYS / BYPASS
SEND TEXT Sends Text to other keypads (Sends alpha to other keypads, COMMAND to send)
LOAD TEXT Loads Text (Receives alpha from sending keypad, enable before sending)

Zones In Octal Format only (Press SENSOR TYPE twice on programmer for Octal)

00 Butty Report
01 Sensor in Range
02 to 07 24 Hour Police Panics
10 to 11 Medical Panics
12 to 17 Environmental (Flood/Freeze) sensors
20 to 27 Smoke Detectors
30 to 33 Special 24 Hour zones
34 to 37 Delay Zones
40 to 47 Instant Zones
50 to 57 Instant Zones
60 to 67 PIR Zones
70 to 76 Interior Doors
77 Touchpad Tamper
80 Keypad Fire Panic
81 Keypad Police Panic
82 Keypad Medical Panic
83 PhoneTest
84 Opening Report
85 Closing Report
86 Duress
87 Force Arm, Auto Force Arm
90 AC Fail
91 Low CPU Battery
92 Alarm Tamper Loop
93 Auto PhoneTest
94 Receiver Failure
95 CPU Back Online (AC Restore)
97 Dead or Missing Phone Line SX-V only
All zones can be re-configured by ITI Downloader
Feature Numbers (Turn ON or OFF with STATUS or BYPASS while in location

F01 Tamper Polarity OFF
= CPU Tamper is NC
= CPU Tamper is NO
F02 Exterior Siren Delay OFF
= Exterior Siren activates with Interior Siren
= Exterior Siren waits 15 seconds
F03 Local Alarm OFF
= System dials Monitoring Station
= Local System Only
F04 Low Battery Report OFF
= Low Battery Reporting Enabled weekly
= Low Battery Reports only once until repaired
F05 pervisory Report OFF
= Supervisory Reports daily until repaired
= Supervisory Reports weekly until repaired
F06 Dialer Abort OFF
= System reports Alarm then Cancel
= System aborts call if disarmed in 15 to 20 seconds
F07 Open Sensor Display OFF
= Open sensors are not displayed
= Open sensors are displayed
F10 Dealer Sensor Test OFF
= Standard Level 9 Sensor Test Enabled
= Siren sounds when data round is received
F11 Interior Siren Sound OFF
= Interior Siren sounds Status and Alarms
= Interior Siren sounds only Alarms
F12 Restoral Reporting OFF
= Restoral Reporting Disabled
= Restoral Reporting Enabled
F13 Not Used
F14 Hourly Phone Test OFF
= Hourly phone line Testing disabled
= System checks phone line every hour
F15 Sensor Tamper OFF
= Sensor Tamper Reporting Enabled
= Sensor Tamper Reporting Disabled
F16 Trouble Beeps OFF
= Troubles sound 6 beeps every minute
= Trouble Beeps sound only if sensor is opened
F17 Direct Bypass OFF
= Bypasses only unbypassed by Arming/Disarming
= Access Code + Bypass + Sensor unbypasses only