GE / ITI / UC SX V Basics

Zones 61, all wireless
Wireless Yes
AC Transformer 14 volts screwed into outlet somewhere in house
Main Panel One or two 6-volt rechargeables
Door/Window 3.6-volt Lithium
Motions 3.6-volt Lithium
(Do NOT replace above batteries or programming of sensor erases!)
Smoke Detector 2 9-volt Alkaline
(Smoke Detector batteries can be replaced if you do one at a time)
Downloadable Yes but customer MUST be home and answer the phone
Panic Buttons Fire, Medical and Police
Arm Away 4 digit Code + 4 (AWAY) (keypad sounds 4 short beeps)
Arm Stay 4-digit Code + 3 (EXTERIOR) (keypad sounds 3 short beeps)
Arm Night 4-digit Code + 6 (NIGHT) (keypad sounds 6 short beeps)
Arm Instant 4-digit Code + 7 (INSTANT/NIGHT) (keypad sounds 7 short beeps)
Disarm 4-digit Code + 0 (CANCEL/DISARM) (keypad sounds 1 long beep)
Alarm Display Press STATUS, Keypad display will scroll all alarms
Reset Display 4-digit Code + 9 (SENSOR TEST) then disarm with 4-digit Code + 0
Bypass Arm system, enter 4-digit code + Bypass (BY) + Zone (01-61)
Force Bypass 1. Open zone to bypass
2. Arm system in STAY or AWAY, keypad will beep rapidly
3. Press BY (BYPASS), keypad sounds one beep and Arm
Door Chimes 4-digit Code + 2 (CHIME) to enable or disable
Phone Test Press * + Master Code + 8, system will say test OK or FAIL in 10 minutes)
Sensor Test 1. Press Master Code + 9
2. Main panel display will begin scrolling all sensor numbers
3. Open Doors/Windows/walk past motion, press TEST on Smoke Det.
4. Siren will sound for 1 second indicating sensor is good
5. Main Panel will remove tested sensor from display
6. When all sensors have been tested Main Panel should have no sensors showing
7. Enter 4-digit Code + 0 (CANCEL/DISARM) to end
(Wireless motions require no movement for 4 minutes prior to testing)