GE / ITI / UC SX IV Basics

Zones 77 Wireless, may have 8-zone Hardwire module
AC Transformer is 13.8 Volts DC
Batteries 6-volt rechargeables inside control panel, odd size
Batteries All are 9 volt Alkaline
(Changing batteries in sensors will NOT erase programming)
Panel does NOT talk, all indicators are on Main Panel
Arm Away 4 digit Code + 4 (AWAY). keypad should sound 4 short beeps
(If Panel gives repeated beeps it was armed with zone open)
Arm Stay 4-digit Code + 3 (EXTERIOR), keypad will sound 3 short beeps
Disarm 4-digit Code + 0 (CANCEL/DISARM), keypad will sound 1 long beep
Silencing Alarm 4-digit Code + 0 (CANCEL/DISARM), keypad will sound 1 long beep
Night Arming 4-digit code + 6 (NIGHT)
Instant Doors 4-digit code + 7 key (INSTANT/NIGHT)
Alarm Memory Press STATUS, last alarm will appear on Main Panel Display
(Alarm must have occured within 6 hours of disarming system)
Direct Bypass Arm system, enter 4-digit Code + Bypass + Zone (01-77)
Force Bypass 1. Open Zone and Arm system
2. keypad will beep rapidly, press BYPASS
Door Chimes 4-digit Code + 2 (CHIME)
Phone Test 4-digit Code + 8
Sensor Test 4-digit Code + 9 4-digit Code + 0 (CANCEL/DISARM) to end
(Wireless motions require no movement for 4 minutes prior to testing)