GE / ITI / UC Simon XT Trouble

To check the status of the system, press the ‘Status’ button just below the blue display screen.
To clear the old alarm history, press the ‘Status’ button and then immediately press the ‘Disarm’ button. Then
press the ‘Status’ button again to see what messages remain, or if it says ‘System is OK’.
System Low Battery Panel has low voltage on the system battery, or is completely dead.
AC Power Failure The panel transformer is not plugged in or not receiving power from the outlet.
Sensor Low Battery The wireless sensor the panel says has a low battery. ie. ‘Front Door Low Battery’.
Sensor Open Usually a door or window is showing open.
Sensor Tampered A sensor cover is not on properly, removed or broken.
Sensor Tampered/Open Usually a smoke detector, try taking cover off and putting back on.
Failure to Communicate Panel tried to dial out on a landline and failed, if it is cell primary, this can usually be fixed through programming.
GSM Module Failure There is an issue with the cell unit, try deleting Zone 40, then power cycling the panel.
RF Jam Detected Panel receiver is experiencing wireless interference.