GE / ITI / UC Simon 3 Program

Report Format SIA or Contact ID
Enter Program Open keypad cover and press 4321 using Red Number Keys
Exit Program Close Cover
Default Panel Hold CANCEL, CLOCK SET and MINUTES+ while powering up (will not work if Phone Lock is ON)
Add Sensor
1. Press ADD under START MENU
2. Press SENSOR/REMOTE, panel says “Press Button on Sensor”
3. Press sensor tamper or program button to learn

Door Sensor Open Sensor cover, push button (Older Sensor just open cover)
Glassbreaks Tap glass 3 or 4 inches from sensor or make a lot of noise
Motions Move past motion (Motions have 5 minutes movement lockout)
Heat Sensor Rub hands together until warm, place on sensor for 30 seconds
Shock Sensor Tap glass twice, wait 30 seconds then try again
Smoke Press and hold test button on Smoke until Panel sounds beeps
(some require just removing from mounting base)
Keyfobs Hold LOCK and UNLOCK buttons for 3 seconds
Touchpads Press and hold 2 EMERGENCY buttons for 3 seconds
4. Panels says “Keychain Remote, Press SENSOR again for next name or CANCEL to quit”
5. Press SENSOR until correct sensor description is found then DONE to select
(Press OPTION if North, South, East and West is needed)
6. Panel says “Use Numbered Keys to enter Sensor Group” (Zone type)
enter 2-digit Group then DONE to finish

01 = Police Panic
Common Sensor Groups —> 10 = Entry Exit
13 = Instant
CLICK HERE for Complete List 17 = Interior Follower (Motions)
20 = Delayed Interior Follower
26 = Fire
Hardwire Zones on Panel require 4.7k resistor, not needed if connected to Wireless sensors
Zones Hardwire Zones on Panel or Wireless Sensors MAY have to be open to learn
A learned Sensor is automatically added to next available Zone Number
to assign different Zone enter 2-digit Zone Number AFTER entering Group Number
If learning Hardwire Contact on Wireless Sensor learn with Hardwire Contact OPEN
Delete Sensor Press DELETE + SENSOR/REMOTE until you hear item to delete then DONE
1. Press ADD button (under START MENU)
2. Press OPTION button (Under MAIN MENU) + 2-Digit Program Location
3. Press DONE (May have to enter digits for Phone Numbers, Accounts etc)
1. Press DELETE button (under START MENU)
2. Press OPTION button (Under MAIN MENU) + 2-Digit Program Location
3. Press DONE, “Keypad should say “Option ?? Deleted”

If you are not allow into certain locations you are not using correct Installer Code (Utility Access Code 1)
* = areas Customer can access
LOC Description Value Variables
01* Panel Beeps I_ON_I
ON = Panel Beeps Enabled
OFF = Panel Beeps Disabled
02* Panel Voice I_ON_I
ON = Panel Voice Enabled
OFF = Panel Voice Disabled
03* Latchkey Option I_OFF_I OFF = Latchkey Option Disabled
12:00AM to 11:59 PM Latchkey Time
04 Primary Phone Number I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I
(Up to 26 Digits, TEST = Pause ADD = * DELETE = #)
05 Second Phone Number I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I
(Leave Blank)
06 Download Phone Number I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I
(Leave Blank)
07 Account Number I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I
(10 characters) For Letters press 9 then press MINUTES until desired character
If Account is less than 10 characters press DONE to save
08 Phone Lock I_OFF_I
ON = Communicator Locations Locked out
OFF = Defaulting resets Communicator Locations
09 Download Access Code I_1_I_2_I_3_I_4_I_5_I
10 Entry Delay I_030_I 005 to 120 seconds, default = 030 seconds
11 Exit Delay I_060_I 005 to 120 seconds, default = 060 seconds
12 Phone Mod 1 I_0_I 0 = All Signals SIA Format
1 = All signals Contact ID Format
2 = Alarms SIA Format
3 = Alarms Contact ID Format
13 Phone Mod 2 I_00_I 00 = All SIA Format
01 = All Contact ID Format
02 = Alarms SIA Format
03 = Alarms Contact ID Format
04 = Non-Alarms SIA Format
05 = Non-Alarms Contact ID Format
06 = Phone 1 Failure SIA Format
07 = Phone 1 Failure Contact ID Format
08 = All but Alarms to Pager
09 = All signals to Pager
10 = Alarms only by Voice
14 DTMF Dialing I_ON_I
ON = Tone Dialing
OFF = Pulse Dialing
15 No Activity Timer I_OFF_I OFF = Activity Timer Disabled
02 to 24 hour Activity Timer
16 Auto Phone Test I_OFF_I OFF = Auto Phone Test Disabled
001 to 254 days between Phone Test
17 Dialer Delay I_OFF_I OFF = No Dialer Delay
001 to 120 = 001 to 120 second delay
18 Alarm Cancel I 005_I OFF = No Cancels (default = 005 minutes)
001 to 255 minute Cancel window
19 RF Timeout I_02_I 02 to 24 hours
20 Manual Phone Test I_ON_I
ON = Manual Phone Test Enabled
OFF = Manual Phone Test Disabled
21 Opening Reporting I_OFF_I
ON = Opening Reporting Enabled
OFF = Opening Reporting Disabled
22 Closing Reporting I_OFF_I
ON = Closing Reporting Enabled
OFF = Closing Reporting Disabled
23 Force Arm Reporting I_OFF_I
ON = Force Arm Reporting Enabled
OFF = Force Arm Reporting Disabled
24 AC Power Fail Reporting I_ON_I OFF = AC Fail Reporting Disabled
005 to 254 minutes before Report
25 CPU Low Battery Reporting I_ON_I


ON = Low Battery Reporting Enabled
OFF = Low Battery Reporting Disabled
26 Fail to Communicate I_ON_I
ON = Trouble Indication Enabled
OFF = Trouble Indication Disabled
27 Ring/Hang/Ring I_1_I
OFF = Downloading Disabled
1 = 1 Ring/Hang/Ring or 10 Rings before Answer
2 = 2 Ring/Hang/Rings or 10 Rings before Answer
3 = 3 Ring/Hang/Rings or 10 Rings before answer
4 = 10 Rings before Downloader answer
28 No Delay Keychain Touchpad I_OFF_I
ON = Keyfob Arms No Delay
OFF = Keyfob Arms normally
29 Panel Siren Enabled I_ON_I
ON = Internal Siren Enabled
OFF = Internal Siren Disabled
30 Panic Button Enabled I_ON_I
ON = Enable Panel Panic Alarms
OFF = Disable Panel Panic Alarms
31 Downloader Enable I_ON_I
ON = Remote Downloading Enabled
OFF = Remote Downloading Disabled
32 300 Baud Communications I_ON_I
ON = 300 Baud Communications
OFF = 110 Baud Communications
33 2-Way Audio Verification I_OFF_I
ON = 2-Way Voice Enabled
OFF = 2-Way Voice Disabled
34 Fail to Open Reporting I_OFF_I OFF = Fail to Open Reports Disabled
12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
35 Fail to Close Reporting I_OFF_I OFF = Fail to Close Reports Disabled
12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
36 Sensor Activated Light I_OFF_I OFF = Disabled
Lockout Start Time 12:00AM to 11:59 PM
37 Sensor Activated Light I_OFF_I OFF = Disabled
Lockout Stop Time 12:00AM to 11:59 PM
38 Auto Arm
(Force Arm)
ON = Protest on open Zones 4 minutes
OFF = Immediate Auto Bypass of open Zones
39 Siren Timeout I_004_I OFF = No Siren Timeout
001 to 254 minute Siren Timeout
40 Trouble Beeps I_ON_I
ON = Trouble Beeps Enabled
OFF = Trouble Beeps Disabled
41* Chime Voice I_ON_I
ON = Voice speaks open zones
OFF = Two beeps on open zones
42 Speaker Level I_9_I 1 (Lowest) to 8 (Highest)
43* Pager Phone Number I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I_ _I
(Up to 26 Digits) Press TEST for Pause ADD = * DELETE = #
44 Pager Phone Mod 3 I_09_I 08 = All but alarms go to Pager
09 = All go to Pager
10 = Alarms only Voice Format
45 Sensor Alarm Restoral I_OFF_I
OFF = Sensor Restoral Reports Disabled (Only wireless smokes will send restores)
1 = Immediately after sensor is closed or restored
2 = After siren timeout expires
3 = When system is disarmed
46 Fire Shutdown during 2-way I_OFF_I
ON = Fire Siren Shutdown during 2-Way Voice
OFF = No Fire Siren Shutdown during 2-Way Voice
47 Audio Verification Mode
(Sends “(AU) DIOCA” if ON)
ON = 2-Way Voice goes to Callback Mode
OFF = 2-Way Voice Instant On during activation
48 Panic Talk during 2-way I_ON_I
ON = 2-Way Voice active on Panic Alarms
OFF = Only Listens In during Panic Alarms
49 Arming LEDs Shutdown I_OFF_I
ON = Arming LEDs turn off 30 seconds after Arming
OFF = Arming LEDs on entire Arming period
50 RF Jam Detect I_OFF_I
ON = RF Jam Detection Enabled
OFF = RF Jam Detection Disabled
51 24 Hour Tamper I_OFF_I
ON = Reports Tamper if Armed or Disarmed
OFF = Reports Tamper only if Armed
52 Unvacated Premises I_ON_I
ON = Home/Away Arming Enabled
OFF = Home/Away Arming Enabled
53 Hardwire Siren Supervision
(If 4.7K resistor used on siren)
ON = External Siren Supervision Enabled
OFF = External Siren Supervision Disabled
54 Access Code Length I_4_I
OFF = Access Code is 4-digits
3 = Access Code is 3-digits
4 = Access Code is 4-digits
5 = Access Code is 5-digits
6 = Access Code is 6-digits
55 Status Beep Volume I_9_I 1 (Lowest) to 20 (Highest) Volume
56 Call Waiting I_OFF_I OFF = Call Waiting Disabled
Up to 26 digits
57 Supervisory/Tamper Report I_OFF_I
ON = Supervisory sends as Tamper
OFF = Supervisory sends as Supervisory
58 Remote Touchpad Arming
(Keyfobs or Touchpads)
ON = Touchpad can disarm only during Entry Delay
OFF = Touchpad can disarm anytime
59 Exit Extension I_ON_I
ON = Exit Delay restarts if User enters during Exit Delay
OFF = Exit Delay does not restart
60 Secure Arming
(does not affect keyfobs)
ON = Access Code required to Arm
OFF = Access Code not required to Arm
61 Demo Mode I_OFF_I
ON = Panel is in demonstration mode
OFF = Panel is in standard operation mode
62 Supervisory Protest I_OFF_I
ON = Protest Arming if sensor superv in last 15 min.
OFF = Do not Protest during Arming
63 24 Hour Time I_OFF_I
ON = Panel uses/speaks 24 Hour Clock
OFF = Panel uses/speaks 12 Hour Clock
64 No Arm on Panel Low Battery I_OFF_I
ON = Panel will not Arm on Low Panel Battery
OFF = Panel can be Armed on Low Panel Battery
65 No Usage Report I_OFF_I OFF = No Usage Report Disabled
001 to 254 Days to Report (Delinquency Report)
66 External Siren Delay I_OFF_I
ON = External Siren delayed 30 seconds after Alarm
OFF = External Siren not delayed
67 Quick Exit I_ON_I
ON = Press DISARM if Armed allows 2 minute E/E
OFF = Quick Exit Disabled
68 Swinger Shutdown I_ON_I
ON = 1 Alarm per Armed period
OFF = Disabled
69 SIA Limits I_ON_I
ON = Entry/Exit/Dialer Times follow SIA Guidelines
OFF = Entry/Exit/Dialer Times follow Factory Defaults
70 Line Cut Detection I_OFF_I OFF = Line Cut Detection Disabled
02 to 48×5 seconds (10 to 240 second delay)
71 Programming Report I_OFF_I
OFF = Programming Report Disabled
ON = Report if Program Mode is entered or exited
72 Supervisory Time I_12_I 01 to 12 (When to send Supervisory Conditions)
73 Modem Sensitivity
(If constant troubles)
OFF = Modem Sensitivity Normal
ON = Modem Sensitivity High
74 Silent Panel Police Panic I_OFF_I
OFF = Police Panic Audible
ON = Police Panic Silent
75 VOX Mic Gain
(normally leave alone)
I_16_I 01 (Low) to 64 (High)
Gain level that triggers VOX during 2-way mode
76 VOX Gain Range
(normally leave alone)
I_64_I 01 (Low) to 64 (High)
77 Manual Mic Gain
(normally leave alone)
I_64_I 01 (Low) to 64 (High)
78 VOX Receiver Gain
(normally leave alone)
I_6_I 1 (Lowest) to 10 (Highest) Volume