GE / ITI / UC Commander 817 Trouble

Change batteries in Smoke Detector by replacing one battery at a time
Panel battery may be changed but do not power system down or programming will erase
POWER Light ON Normal Operation
POWER OFF AC Power Failure
POWER FLASHING Backup Battery Low
All Lights SOLID System is defaulted, all programming erased, set for service
All Lights FLASHING System is in programming, tighten screw at bottom of keypad
All Lights SCROLLING System is/was in alarm, press STATUS + User Code + 1 to clear
TROUBLE Light ON (Press STATUS see list below for troubles)

“Zone xx Trouble” Zone battery dead, must be set for service
“Communication Failure” System can’t communicate, try sending signal
“Sensor 92 Trouble” Screw under keypad needs tightening (don’t strip the screw)
“Sensor 94 Trouble” Receiver Failure, change backup battery
“Sensor 95 Trouble” AC Power came back on, everything is ok!
Zone Trouble (Zones in trouble can be removed from system until service arrives)
1. Loosen screw under keypad until lights begin flashing
2. Press BYPASS + 2-digit zone number, keypad will say “Sensor Goodbye”
3. Tighten screw under keypad until lights stop flashing
4. Remove battery from the bad sensor
Reset Smoke 4-digit code + 1 (OFF)
Phone Test 1. Enter Master Code + 8 (Keypad says “Phone Test is ON”
2. If Phone test fails keypad will say “Phone Test Failure”
3. If Phone test is good keypad will say “Phone Test is OK”

Sensor Test 1. Enter Master Code + 9 (Keypad says “Sensor Test is ON”)
2. Open Doors/Windows/walk past motion, press TEST on Smoke Det.
3. Keypad will beep and say “Sensor xx is OK”
(if zone has a problem or is open it will not beep)
4. Press Master Code + 1 (OFF) to end Sensor Test
Main Troubles and Events
80 Touchpad Fire Panic
81 Touchpad Police Panic
82 Touchpad Auxiliary Panic
83 Phone Test (Level 8)
84 Opening Report (Optional)
85 Closing Report (Optional)
86 Duress Alarm Report
87 Force Armed Auto
90 AC Failure
91 Low Battery (Try changing backup battery)
92 CPU Tamper (Tighten screw under panel)
93 Auto Phone Test
94 Receiver Failure (Try changing backup battery)
94 Invalid Sensor Number (fix by changing house code)
95 CPU Back in Service (not a trouble, AC turned back on)
96 Fail To Communicate (try sending a signal)
101 Invalid Sensor Number
(A Sensor is not programmed to system but has same house code)