GE / ITI / UC Commander 817 Wiring

Downloadable No
Commander 8 – 8 Wireless Zones
Commander 17 – 17 Wireless Zones
(Both keypads can look and work alike)
AC Transformer 9-volts screwed into outlet somewhere in house
Main Panel 9 volt Alkaline behind keypad (Customer can replace)
Door/Window 3.6-volt Lithium
Motions 3.6-volt Lithium
(Do NOT replace above batteries or programming of sensor erases!)
Smoke Detector 2 9-volt Alkaline
(Smoke Detector batteries can be replaced if you do one at a time)
Downloadable Yes, customer MUST be home and answer the phone
Panic Buttons Police, Fire and Medical
Away Arm 4-digit Code + 3 (AWAY) (Keypad says “Alarm System is ON, Level 3”)
Stay Arm 4-digit Code + 2 (STAY) (Keypad says “Alarm System is ON, Level 2”)
Instant Arm Arm system in STAY or AWAY + 4 (Keypad will say “NO DELAY”)
Disarm 4-digit Code + 1 (OFF) (“Alarm System is OFF, Level 1”)
Silence Alarm 4-digit Code + 1 (OFF) (Press STATUS to clear display)
Check Status Press STATUS (Keypad says status, open zones, troubles)
Bypass 1. Open zone to bypass
2. Arm system in STAY or AWAY mode, keypad will beep rapidly
3. Press BYPASS, system will Arm with zone bypassed
Reset Smoke 4-digit Code + 1 (OFF)
Door Chimes 4-digit Code + 7 (CHIME)
Alarm Memory There is no Alarm Memory
Phone Test 1. Enter Master Code + 8 (Keypad says “Phone Test is ON”
2. If Phone test fails keypad will say “Phone Test Failure”
3. If Phone test is good keypad will say “Phone Test is OK”
Sensor Test 1. Enter Master Code + 9 (Keypad says “Sensor Test is ON”)
2. Open Doors/Windows/walk past motion, press TEST on Smoke Det.
3. Keypad will beep and say “Sensor xx is OK”
    (if zone has a problem or is open it will not beep)
4. Press Master Code + 1 (OFF) to end Sensor Test