GE / ITI / UC FoneSafe Basics

Zones No Idea but all of them are Wireless
Main Panel 6 volt 3.2 AH Lead-Acid battery rechargable in back of keypad
Charging Voltage 6.8 Volts (Don’t ask why I included this)
Door/Window 3.6-volt Lithium
Motions 3.6-volt Lithium
Remote Keypad 3.6-volt Lithium
Smoke Detector 2 9-volt Alkaline
Downloadable Yes, Customer must be home and answer phone
Panic Buttons Fire, Medical and Police, press for 1 second to activate
Arm Away AWAY key
Arm Stay STAY key
Instant Doors 4-digit code + 7 key (INSTANT/NIGHT)
Disarm OFF key + User Code
Silence Alarm OFF key + User Code
Check Status Press STATUS
RESET Button Press to clear troubles and exit Test Modes or Programming
Alarm Memory Press STATUS
Force Bypass 1. Arm system with zone open
2. Press BYPASS + 2-digit Zone
3. Enter User Code
Door Chimes TEST key + User Code + 6
Set Clock 1. Press PROGRAM key + MASTER CODE + 1 + 1
2. Enter Correct 4-Digit Time HH:MM (1:30 would be 0130)
3. Press 1 for AM or 2 for PM
4. Press RESET twice to exit
Sensor Test TEST + Master Code + 2 Press RESET or OFF + User Code to en
(System speak list of all sensors, opening sensor removes from list)
(Wireless motions require no movement for 4 minutes prior to testing)
Battery Test TEST key + Master Code + 4
(System enters 5 minute battery test, if trouble exists STATUS will flash)
Phone Test TEST key + Master Code + 3 + open Zone, press RESET to end
(Apparently zone must be violated to send a phone test signal)
Siren Test TEST key + Master Code + 7
(Siren will sound for 4 seconds, press RESET to end)
Keypad Test TEST key + Master Code + 5
(Keypad will repeat each key you press, press RESET to end)
Local Access Press ** on any phone, panel should respond with menu options
Remote Access 1. Call house, let phone ring twice then hang up
2. Call again after 15 seconds, FonSafe will pick up
3. Enter User Code, panel should give menu options
4. End press * then #