GE / ITI / UC CS4000 Basics

1. Type on downloader keypad ANS 1
2. Call home, customer must be there
3. Have customer press CODE + 8 to perform Phone Test with phone off hook
4. Should hear panel pulse or tone dial, when it finishes press ENTER on keypad
Transfer call from another phone to extension downloader is on, ANS 1 is not needed
Panel will stay online only a short time before disconnecting, type ZONES to keep online
Panel Specific Commands

ACCESS Displays Master Code
ACCESS xxxx P rograms Master Code
ACCOUNT <5-digits> Last 5 digits of Account
ACTIVITY <1 to 24> Sets activity time in Hours
AVBEEPDLY <30-300 Seconds> Sets UltraGard’s AVM BEEP Delay
AVMMODE <01/02/03/09/10/11> Sets UltraGard AVM operation mode
01 = 1 ring callback mode
02 = 1 ring silent callback mode
03 = Instant Activation mode
09 = 1 Ring, Fire siren Shutdown
10 = One Ring Silent Fire Shutdown
11 = Instant Activation, Fire Siren Shutdown
AVTIMEOUT <0-300 seconds> Sets UltraGard AVM Timeout
ALARMQ Views last 6 events of Alarm history
AVACCESS <4 digits> Sets UltraGard’s AVM Access Code (not used)
BATTLIFE <2 to 255> Hours for panel to run on battery (Default = 4)
BYPASS <01 to 76> Bypass Sensors (01 to 18)
CPUTIME (SET/STATUS) SET Sets panel time, STATUS reads panel time
DELETE <1 to 99> Deletes a Sensor (1 to 18)
DIALBACK <10 to 2,550 minutes> Tells panel to call back in (minutes)
DURESS <00 to 99> Hostage/Duress Code (usually 99)
ENERGY <LL/HH> Sets UltraGard Energy Saver Module
Low (LL) & High (HH) Limits
ENTRY <8 to 120> Entry Delay (seconds)
ENTRY <1 to 8> 2 Secondary Entry Delay (minutes)
ERASE Erases all changes to panel
ESOFFSET <000-255> Sets UltraGard Energy Saver Module Temp Offset
EVENT <1 to 32/ALL/CLEAR> Displays Event Buffer (on applicable panels)
1 to 32 previous events
EVENT ALL displays all events
EVENT CLEAR clears event buffer
EXIT <8 to 88> Exit Delay (seconds)
EXIT <1 to 8> 2 Exit Delay 2 (minutes)
GROUP <zone> <zone type> Changes Zone type
Freeze GROUP <zone> 01 L
Fire GROUP <zone> 02 D
Delay GROUP <zone> 04 L
Instant GROUP <zone> 05 L
Interior Inst Follower GROUP <zone> 06 L
Interior Follower GROUP <zone> 06 I
Interior Follower SX-V GROUP <zone> 07 I
Silent Police Panic GROUP <zone> 12 A
Audible Medical Panic GROUP <zone> 01 B
HOUSE <1 to 255> Views House Code
IACCESS <Code> Sets UltraGard Installer Code
(Last 2 digits must be different)
ID BUFFER (SX-V only) Displays all house codes of other SX-V’s near panel
INIT or INITIALIZE <zone> Initialize (Add) Zone
INSTALLMODE <ON/OFF> Enables/Disables Programming (FonSafe Only)
MACCESS Displays Secondary Codes
To Erase code enter MACCESS ?? OFF
SX-V = Hi & Lo levels, delete then re-add to change
MACCESS <1 to 15> <4 digits> Programs Secondary Codes
MDELETE <01 to 96> Deletes multiple sensors
MGROUP <01 to 76> <Group 00 to 32> Assigns multiple sensors to a group
OPTION <20 to 27> <ON or OFF> Turns Functions ON/OFF (xx = 20 to 27)
PFORMAT <0 to 2> Report Format (0=ITI, 1=4×2, 1400hz, 2=4/2, 2300hz)
PHONE <1800etc / ON / OFF)
(D = Pause)
Receiver 1 Phone Number (Up to 18 Digits)
PHONE ON to enable Communicator
PHONE OFF disables Communicator
PHONE2 <xxxxxxx / OFF> Receiver 2 Phone Number (Up to 18 Digits)
PHONEDL <xxxxxxx / OFF> Set Download Phone Number, OFF disables
PLEVEL <1 to 3 or 8 to 9> 1=Disarm, 2=Arm Stay, 3=Arm Away, 8=Phone Test
SX-V systems use Level 0 for Disarm
PLOCK <Old Code> %<New Code twice> Changes Installer Code
Note: to change Installer Code from 4321 to 1234 enter PLOCK 4321 %12341234
PMODE <0 to 5> Phone Direction

0 = All to Phone 1, Phone 2 not used
1 = All to Phone 1, if Fail report to Phone 2
2 = Alarm/Cancels Phone 1, Supervisory to Phone 2
3 = Alarm/Cancels Phone 1, All Phone 2
4 = Alarm/Cancels Phone 1 (No OC), All to Phone 2
5 = Alarm/Cancels Phone 1 (4×2), All Phone 2
PNUM <A to J> < Phone Number> Stores up to 10 phone numbers in CS4000 memory
PILLTIME <1 to 4> <HH:MM> Sets Pill Timer 1 to 4 (LifeGard only)
PTIME ON / OFF Shows last time Access code used during alarm
PTFREQ <1 to 255> Assigns Phone Test in Days
RECALL Tells panel to hangup and immediately call back
REL or RELEASE Releases Downloader from Panel
REPEAT Repeats Alarm Information
RESTORE <1 to 76> Removes bypasses
REVLEVEL <ON/OFF> Shows ID and Revision of Panel
SIREN <2 to 30> Assigns Siren Timeout
STIME <0000 to 2399> Assigns next 24hr Supervisory
SUPSYNC <2 to 24> Assigns Supervisory Check-In Period in Hours
TEST ON / OFF Enable/Disable Siren on successful Phone Test
TRIPTIME <1 to 12 seconds> Sets UltraGard’s HOM Module trip time
TIMEZONE <0 to 23>
UPD Sends updated programming to panel
XACCESS View Upper Secondary User Codes in SX-V
XTENDELAY <X-10 Unit 2 to 9 / ON / OFF> Sets X-10 Unit to turn on for 5 minutes of E/E delay
ZONES Displays all programmed Zone information
ZONES STATUS Displays all Zones
ITI FonSafe CS-4000 Programming Commands
ACCOUNT <??-???> Sets Account Number
ACCESS <???> Sets Master Code
ALARMQ Views last 6 events of Alarm history
ARMLEV <ZZ> <X> Set Zone Arm Level (ZZ=Zone, X=Arm Level 1, 2 or 3)
BYPASS <01 to 32> Bypasses Sensor
CPUTIME SET Sets FonSafe to CS4000 Time
CUSTCODE <????> Customer Code/Home ID Code (no idea what this is)
DELAY <1 to 32> <ON/OFF> Programs Sensor as Delay/Instant
DELETE <01 to 32> Deletes Sensor
DESCRIPTION <ZZ> <XX> Add Voice Description (ZZ=Zone, XX=Description (0-29)
ENTRY <30 to 60> Sets Entry Delay
EXIT <30 to 60> Sets Exit Delay
INSTALLMODE ON Enable local access to Phone & Download options
INSTALLMODE OFF Disables local access to Phone & Download options
PHONE <1800 etc> Sets Primary Receiver Number
PHONE2 Secondary Receiver Number
PLEVEL <1, 2, 3> Arming Modes 1 = OFF, 2 = HOME, 3 = AWAY
RESTORE <1 to 32> Restores Bypassed Zones
SIREN <10 to 20> Sets Siren Timeout
STIME <HHMM> Sets daily supervisory reports (Optional)
TTONE <ON/OFF> Sets Panel for Tone/Pulse
ZONES List all Sensors
Receiver Specific Commands
ANSWER or ANS <1 to 4> Answers selected line card
AUDIO <OFF/INSTANT/DIALOUT/ONERING) Enables/Disables 2-way voice option
ATIME <5 to 60 seconds> Assigns 2-way timeout
BATTERY Forces Receiver to do 5 minute battery test
CHANNEL Sets RS-232 port for computer or Printer
COMMAND <P, R, A> P = Lists all Panel Commands
R = Lists Receiver Configuration
A = Lists Commands for Operator Levels
CHANNEL <LINE> FORMAT <EPSON> Selects Epson Printer Format
CPUTIME <SET/STATUS> SET=Send Time to Panel, STATUS=View Time
CPUTYPE <ON/OFF> Displays Panel Type, CSLOCK, COMMLOCK status
CSDATE <mm/dd/yy> Sets Month/Date/Year
CSFORMAT <Line 1 to 4> <ITI/OTHER/ALL> Defines line card formats
DEFINE %???????? sets lock code (4 digits repeated twice)
SET = Sets CS-4000 to lock all incoming panels
SELECT ??-??? = Selects panel or panels to lock/unlock
REMOVE = Removes CSLOCK from incoming panels
OFF = Sends defined CS code but does not lock panel
RESET OKAY = Resets CS-4000’s lock code to default
CSLOCK RESET OKAY Resets CS-4000’s lock to default, turns CSLOCK off
CSTIME <hh:mm> Sets Receiver Time
CSTZONE <0 to 23/EASTERN etc> Sets Panel Time by Time Zone
CTIME <ON/OFF/ALL> Displays SX-V CPU clock at end of each report
Displays AC Power, Line Fault & Ring Conditions
BATTERY ON / OFF Disable/Enable Low Battery Trouble
A/C ON / OFF Disable/Enable No AC Trouble
FUSE ON / OFF Disable/Enable Fuse Trouble
<1 to 4> Disable/Enable Line 1 to 4 Fault Trouble
FLASH <ON/OFF> Places 2-way on hold
FULLRESTART <OKAY> Resets CS-4000 to default settings
HELP <Option>
Selects help info on any option
RECEIVER = Lists commands that affect CS-4000 Receiver
INTERACTIVE = Lists commands that affect panel
I/O = List commands for RS-232 Interface
CPUPROG = How to program an unprogrammed CPU
MSTATUS Shows all receiver options
OPERATOR Sets each Operator’s (up to 20) Password & Level
OTHER <1> <1400/2300> Sets 2nd Handshake Baud Rate (non ITI Format)
OTHER < 2> <RADIONICS/OFF> Enables/Disables 2nd Handshake as Radionics
PASSWORD Sets privilege level of operator
PINS Displays condition of RS-232 I/O Port
PTIME Shows time since CPU was armed during uncanceled alarm
QUIET ON / OFF Turns off CS-400 beeps on incoming phone calls
or REL
Releases trapped system from CS-4000 (hangup)
RESTART <OKAY> Restarts CS-4000
RID Sets Receiver ID for RS-232 output
RING <1 to ?> ON / OFF Enable/Disable Line Card Rings before answer
SILENT ON/OFF Disable/Enable sounds except for Receiver faults
STATUS Displays CS-4000 hardware status
TEST <ON/OFF> Enable/Disable CS-4000 Auto Phone Test feature
TIMEZONE <01 to 23> Sets Panel Time by Time Zone
Note: Time can also be entered as EASTERN, CENTRAL, MOUNTAIN or PACIFIC
TRAP <ALL/ON/OFF/Account Number> Traps Panel (remember to remove trap when done)
UNIT Sets Unit ID Character for Printer (Default is A)
VERSION Shows current CS-4000 software version
VERIFY Verifies each table of ram memory
Sensor Printed Out As Specifics
00 Buddy Alarm SX-V Only
01 Bad Sensor SX-V Only
01-32 Zone Alarms ALL Supported ITI Panels
30 Police Panic Simon v1
77 AlarmTamper Caretaker Plus, SX-IVB, SX-V, Ultraguard
78 Freeze Sensor Caretaker Plus, Ultraguard Only
79 No Activity Alarm Caretaker Plus, Ultraguard Only
80 Keypad Fire Panic ALL Supported ITI Panels
81 Keypad Police Panic ALL Supported ITI Panels
82 Keypad Medical Panic ALL Supported ITI Panels
83 PhoneTest ALL Supported ITI Panels
84 Opening Report User xx ALL Supported ITI Panels
85 Closing Report Usr xx ALL Supported ITI Panels
86 Duress ALL Supported ITI Panels
87 Force Arm, Auto Force Arm ALL Supported ITI Panels
88 Energy Saver Module Caretaker Plus, Ultraguard Only
89 RF Touchpad Caretaker Plus, Ultraguard Only
90 AC Fail ALL Supported ITI Panels
91 Low Battery ALL Supported ITI Panels
92 Alarm Tamper Loop ALL Supported ITI Panels
93 Auto PhoneTest ALL Supported ITI Panels
94 Receiver Failure ALL Supported ITI Panels
94 Invalid Sensor* ALL Supported ITI Panels
95 CPU Back Online (AC Restore) ALL Supported ITI Panels
96 Failure to Communicate Simon v1
97 Dead or Missing Phone Line SX-V only
98 Event Dump Report Commander 2000/UltraGard
99 Latchkey Report Simon v1
101 Invalid Sensor* Commander 8/17
(*Sensor has same house code but is not programmed into system)
Keypad Commands
1 END = Scrolls to current screen
2 DOWN ARROW = Scroll forward 1 line
3 PAGE DOWN = Scrolls down 1/2 screen
4 LEFT ARROW = Scroll back to last report
5 STOP (5) = Stops scrolling screen
6 RIGHT ARROW = Scroll forward to next report
7 HOME = Go to earliest info in screen memory
8 UP ARROW = Scroll back one line
9 PAGE UP = Sroll back one screen
* = Prints out message you input
+ = Stop auto listing of certain commands
F1 = Hang Up Line 1
F2 = Hang Up Line 2
F3 = Hang Up Line 3
F4 = Hang Up Line 4
F5 = Scrolls back to last command entered
F6 = Scrolls forward to next command (if F5 is used)
F7 = Not Used
F8 = Not Used
F9 = Prints Time/Date and performs system check
F10 = Displays Help Message