GE / ITI / UC Concord V2 Trouble

Keypad beeps 5 times on troubles, press * to view
LCD Keypads
Bus Failure A Keypad or other Module has trouble communicating with Panel
Memory Failure System has an internal problem, needs Service
Phone Failure System cannot communicate with Monitoring Station
Receiver Failure Internal Wireless Receiver has failed
Sensor Tamper Cover may be off of a Sensor
Sensor Trouble Sensor may be bad or have a dead battery

LED Keypads (This keypad doesn’t show many troubles, may require download to view)
Trouble Flashes May be Memory, Wireless Receiver, Low Battery or AC Failure
Trouble & Zone Zone Trouble (Fire or Wireless), Low Sensor Battery or Tamper
1. Press 9 + Master Code to enter programming menu
2. Press * + 40 + 2 + #
3. Press * + 4 + # to exit