FBI XL2 Basics

Zones 6 Hardwired
Battery 12 volt rechargeable Gel-Cell inside main panel
AC Transformer 12 volts
Wireless No
Downloadable Yes
Panic Buttons
Police Panic * and #
Fire Panic 7 and 9
Medical Panic 1 and 3
Arm 4-digit Code (Ready light MUST be on)
Disarm 4-digit Code (if mistake is made just re-enter code again)
Silence Alarm 4-digit Code will turn off siren, and again to stop keypad flashing
Stay Arming STAY + 4-digit Code
Instant Arm INSTANT + 4-digit Code
Quick-Arm # + 1
Bypass BYPASS + 4-digit Code + zone (1 to 6)
(To bypass more zones press BYPASS + zone #)
Reset Smoke 4-digit code or 4-digit Code + *
(If smoke continues to sound power down system, smoke is bad)
Door Chimes Can only be turned on through programming.
Alarm Memory There is no Alarm Memory
Siren Test There is no Siren Test